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I made it! I ran my little ass off but…I made it!

I know it doesn’t look like much…it isn’t…but there’s some stuff tucked between the couch/table and hutch/table that you can’t see in the pic, stuff stuffed in the table cubbie too. So…not too bad.

I started at 8:30 yesterday morning, went to the grocery store, bought Christmas dinner and other goodies. Hubby decided he would make lasagna for our Christmas dinner and he’s doing it right now. OH! It smells SOOOO GOOD! Of course, as usual, he’s made enough fixings for two lasagnas so it’s a good thing I bought two pans! We’ll freeze one and bake the other tomorrow. We’ll have salad and garlic bread with it. Nice easy-clean-up meal. I’m really not into the doing the totally huge blow-out dinner. I’m too tired. Cousin is bringing desserts and I’ll make a pumpkin cake today. There are still enough cookies left to serve–I hid them in the attic where it’s cold so they would stay fresh. We’ll have cheese and crackers and wine beforehand. So it’ll be good. Small but good. I always like that.

After the grocery store I went to the A&P Package Store which is in the same parking lot. I walked up to the front door, almost got hit by the Out Door opening and there was Nikki. We just stopped and stared at each other for a second and the very first thing to go through my mind was to yell at her; What are you doing at the package store? Then I realized she’s going to be 26 next month so…shut up, Mom. She broke out in this huge grin as she lifted a bottle from the bag she was carrying and said: “Merry Christmas, mom!”

She had a half-gallon of Southern Comfort! That ain’t cheap. The quart bottle is $22.50. I thanked her, kissed her, went into the store as we parted ways and then wandered around looking for something to go with Christmas Dinner. Red Wine with Italian Food. I can’t drink red wine right now. My nightsweats have been absolutely horrible lately and the last thing I want to do is exacerbate them. Red wine will do that so…no red wine for me. However, that doesn’t means other should have to go without. I looked around for a bottle of red wine and my eyes fell upon the Riunite Lambrusco, which is very tasty and would go well with the lasagna. I stared at it a moment, reached for it, and the little voice in my head piped up; Ahh, yeah, you know what’s gonna happen, right? Two or three glasses in and hubby will tell ‘the story’, do you really want Dick to hear the story that goes with that bottle?

Ahhh…no. Thanks for reminding me.

I walked past with a grin.

By the time I left I had; two bottles of Sutter Home Sweet Red Wine for them, a bottle of Barefoot Moscato for me, a bottle of Korbel Sweet Rose Champagne–been wanting to try it since seeing those enticing ads. I got a bottle of Bailey Chocolate Mint for after dinner. We should be set on the booze!

Ran home, Becca helped unpack and put everything away. Ran out again.

First stop; gas station. Poor truck/vehicle…whatever the hell one calls it…was dry! I had over 800 gas points so I went to the Stop & Shop gas station and got $1.29 off each gallon! WOOT! Traffic was congested but not horrible so that was nice.

Second stop; the dreaded Crystal Mall. I hate the mall…pretty much any mall. I just don’t like it. The parking lot was crammed! I parked near the last space behind Sears and walked the 1/2 mile to the door. Then I walked the 1/4 mile to the Piercing Pagoda where I was hoping to run into my friend but she wasn’t in yet. I made my purchase and left a bag of cookies for her. I wandered around the very uncongested mall wondering where were all of the people who should go with all of the cars in the parking lot. Strange. I wandered around and went into; Wild Things, Hot Topic, Spencers and looked at some of the things at the new kiosks. Wandered one end to the other, upstairs and down, went into a few other stores because they had big signs that read; 50% OFF. 50% off something that’s already 100% too high ain’t much of a deal. I walked out. Each store where I purchased something I got right in and right out, I only had to wait behind 1 person once. I thought that was odd. I walked all the way back to the car, I was tired.

Third stop; ye Olde Home Depot. It’s adjacent to the Dreaded Crystal Mall, which is nice. Got a spot right in front, which was even nicer. Wandered around the cavernous home improvement store like Hank Hill–“Anybody seen the Spanish tile? Anybody? Has anybody seen the Spanish tile?” Until some poor gentleman took pity on me and pointed me in the right direction. I wasn’t far from it, I had in fact and of course, looked at what I was looking for and then passed it right by.

Fourth stop; I was on my way to Marshalls when a little voice told me to check out Burlington Coat Factory first. I like Burlington, probably just because it sort of reminds me of Bradlees, which is the store it replaced so many eons ago. Wandered around and picked up several items at prices that made me say; “AWESOME! I’ll take TWO!” Love it when that happens. Again the line wasn’t bad, usually it really sucks there but, I waited less than five minutes before hearing; “I can take the next person,” and it was me, the next person.

Fifth stop; Radio Shack. I walked down from Burlington Coat Factory. I realized the 8 or so steps down are more treacherous now then when I was a kid and they scared me way back then. Got in, got what I wanted, got out.

Sixth stop; CVS. I wasn’t going to do it but I realized I hadn’t gotten any stink-pretties (perfume/cologne) and I had yet to get Cousin anything. Love CVS this time of year, they have the BEST $10.00 gifts! $10.00 is a price I can live with….Cheap Yankee that I am….hahahaha. Yet I did not buy any stink-pretties, they were expensive everywhere I went. Everywhere I went there were no tester bottles so I had no idea how they smelled. I really loathed the idea of putting even a single penny into the pocket of anyone named Hilton or Kardashian no matter how good their product might be. So I refrained. I did, however, manged to spend another $50.00 there, or was it $60.00? I dunno anymore…BUT I stayed within my budget at the end….YEAH! Picked up some nice things they’ll like and was considering making a stop at Walgreen’s before going home but, as I was checking out, I realized, I had picked up a few items just so people would have another gift to open.

That realization caused me to go home.

Yep, the Final Bell rang, Game Over, Time’s Up, Pencils Down, Th-th-that’s All Folks.

Besides, I was whooped. My feet and my back hurt so much, if I kept going someone was going to have to scraped me off a sidewalk or store aisle or something. I hauled my bags and my tired butt upstairs, stashed the goodies in my room, made coffee and tried to get on FaceBook but it was having problems all day. I collapsed on the couch for a while. Hubby came home early which was a nice surprise…he had gifts for me, also nice. Nikki came home and gave me the bottle, I put it on the hutch and looked at it. I smiled and thought of my Dad and my Mom. I turned to her and said; “There hasn’t been a bottle of Southern this big since your grandparents lived here. They’d be proud.” My Dad made the best Velvet Smooth Manhattans and he taught me how to make them when I was quite young. Everyone loved them. I always got the cherries…tasty! Should pick up a bottle of Sweet Vermouth and a bottle of Canadian Whiskey, small thing of bitters and cherries. See if I remember just how to make them.

Late in the afternoon I hauled myself upstairs and wrapped all of the gifts, I hauled them down and put then under our little tree. Pronounced it ‘Good’. Hubby wrapped his and brought them down. We were both tired so we ordered from our favorite Chinese Restaurant, I went down and picked it up resisting the urge to take one last stop at the Family Dollar to see if there was anything interesting.

In a bit I’ll get the urge to straighten up the house, probably right around the time the pumpkin cake is baking in the oven. Then that will be it. It’ll all be over but the unwrapping and the eating.

Made it!🙂

Hope You and Yours have a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. sounds like a busy few days!

    hope you have a nice x-mass eve and enjoy the pressies =)

  2. Teresa Kleeman

    OMG Lisa,

    I knew there was something about you I liked. I grew up hanging out at the Crystal Mall. I lived in Groton from 72 to 75 than we moved to Ledyard. I ran all up and down that Mountain where the Pequot Reservation was . Matter of fact being Native American I was good friends with the Haywood family whose ancestors and family held on to that land taking on the Government. Then when 18 moved away for awhile and than moved back and settled in Norwich.
    It’s a small world to read all where you shopped at and know exactly where you’ve been.

    Merry Christmas Lisa to you and your family. Now off to mix me a Kahulah and milk.

    Teresa K.

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