Day #1

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Yep, every night has its dawn and all that happy stuff.🙂

We had a very merry little Christmas. Although no one got anything massively big, shiny, and fancy, among the ‘better’ gifts were a purple hand bag for Becca, a hand-held circular-saw-thing for Hubby, a new set of bedclothes for Nikki, and a pretty new charm bracelet for me

and a nifty new pair of boots

I’ve been good these last few years, I have! I haven’t had a heel that high in a long time. What do you think? If I tiptoe through the snow, I should be ok? Those heels and a patch of ice probably won’t go well together! LOL

It was a very nice day. Good stuff. Good deal all around.

Cousin came and hung out for a while we sat around and polished off that bottle of Korbel rose…oh, you really must try this. Especially if you don’t like champagne because it dries out of your mouth leaving you searching frantically for a Coke. (That’s me usually!) That was not a problem with this bubbly, nope, not at all. They seemed to enjoy the Sutter Home Sweet Red. I took a small sip and it was tasty but I stuck to the Moscato. Afterwards, clean up was very easy even though we’d all had our fill of tasty treats. Cousin brought homemade bread and a homemade cherry pie.

Today we woke up and….ceased smoking. We do not say we ‘quit’ or are ‘quitting’ we are ‘giving up’ or ‘stopping’ and ‘ceasing’. ‘Quitting’ implies something negative and as the old saying goes; Quitters Never Win….so…no ‘quitting’. We’ve been planning this for a couple of weeks because The Powers that Be say it is important to set a ‘target date’ to call a halt to your smoking habit. Do not try to curb yourself during that time. Ok. Fine. Me, Hubby, and Becca have all stopped at once…today.

This is a joy.

Really, if you’ve never done this…don’t.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t wait and make this our New Year’s Resolution it’s simply because those things seemed designed if not actually destined for failure.

The best way to give up smoking is to go Cold Turkey. I agree. Hubby agrees and so does Rebecca so no patches, lozenges, gums…whatever. We know that if we do not have a single cigarette between last night (somewhere around 10-11 o’clock) then by late night on Wednesday all of the nicotine will be out of our systems and from there on out it’s just a matter of, well, Mind Over Matter.

That ain’t easy when you factor it in will last the rest of our lives. Yep, the pleasure centers of our brains will forever crave nicotine and let us know that on a regular basis. Oh joy. Each fit/craving lasts a maximum of two minutes so it’s a matter of riding it out. Again…no fun. Sitting here at the computer is when/where I want to smoke most of all. I can sit anywhere else and not have a cig but here, this is my domain, I rule here, here I smoke. So this bites!

Anyway, the first thing we did was to dump and wash all of the ashtrays and take out the trash to get rid of any butts that might be lying around. Most people will throw out the ashtrays but some of mine are quite old and made by my parents so…yeah…they’re not going anywhere other than into a cupboard. Hubby turned on the ionizer, usually I hate it, I think the thing stinks but most everyone else disagrees on that one. In any event, the house doesn’t smell as smoky and icky anymore.

Then we have the fact that giving up any addiction is a tiring affair. Even if you’ve literally sat around all day doing absolutely nothing but telling yourself that you are not going to engage in your favorite unhealthy habit (whatever it is) you will be totally exhausted in a few hours. You will want to sleep. You will feel as though you’ve run a marathon…and you haven’t left your chair.

You will want to find something to substitute the hand-to-mouth movement of the cigarette. Hubby is snacking. I don’t know what Becca’s doing. I’m just taking deep breaths…they’re kinda nice after all. The last thing I want/need is to substitute nicotine for food. Oh yeah, I’ll gain 20 lbs in three weeks and then I’ll feel really great about myself.

Yeah. No. Thanks anyway.

Trying to stick to my regular eating schedule which is maybe a nice snack long about 3pm and then dinner then something sweet long about 8-9 pm up in bed. I don’t eat other than that so I’m trying very hard to stick to it but that’s not easy with all of these cookies, candies, cakes, breads, and other yummies staring up at me from their holiday plates inviting me to dive right in. In fact, Becca just dumped my favorite into my lap; chocolate creme filled donut. I haven’t had one in probably 6 months. The DD at the top of my street doesn’t sell them, that’s a good thing, or I’d be as big as a house by now! LOL.

Well, we’ve passed somewhere around 12 hours. I’ll check in tomorrow and let you nice folks know whether or not I killed a family member during the night while caught in the viscous grasp of a nicotine fit.

If all goes well then the money we save ($18.00/day!) will go toward remodeling the kitchen. Redoing the cabinets and tearing out the backs plash and counter tops to replace them with new ones. We thought about that for a while but recently discovered it will be much cheaper than we were originally fearing. The physical activity will be good for us. Besides, my cabinets are just weeping, sobbing, wailing! for help. They really are, poor things.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are now looking forward to a very Happy New Year!

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  1. Y’all can do it! I know you can! You’ll feel so much happier and healthly and able to breath much better in just a few weeks! I’m so so so very proud!

  2. You’ve got this Lisa Beth. One day at a time. I know several people who successfully ended their smoking habit & the general concensus is that besides the nicotine addition, there is an oral fixation, which they said chewing on toothpicks helped. Especially the mint flavored ones. A few also started to chew gum, not the stop smoking nicotine type, just regular old gum in any flavor.

  3. you all can do it! i quit 3 pack a day habit cold turkey and been 3 years. proud of you all.

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