Day #2

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The first thing I promised myself when I said I’d start down this road again was that I wouldn’t overeat.

Yeah. Forget it.

I did really well yesterday until the chocolate creme donut came into the house. There went all my resolve and by the time I closed my eyes last night for bed–or tried to anyway–I felt somewhere nearly as big as Santa Claus. I had the fire burps all night…ICK! I mean ALL NIGHT, like every ten minutes or so this volcanic gas would erupt up my throat and out my mouth. A few times I swore it was so hot it burned my heart and my lungs. Got up several times to use the bathroom and made hubby giggle. I do pass gas in bed…or anywhere else. I pass gas in the bathroom…that’s it. He thinks that’s like the funniest most f’d up thing on Earth! I say it simply isn’t ladylike to fart in public. Even my kids think I have some type of special cork up my ass or something.

I don’t.

So I laid there and I suffered. I got up and I suffered. I had the fire burbs and really suffered, several times I swore I was cooking from the inside out and then I kept hoping I’d toss up all that I’d eaten but no. It stayed with me. Most of it is still here. I drank a large amount of mineral oil this morning and have already made two trips to the bathroom. I think I’ve lost 10lbs or so!

No more of that over eating crap, that’s really got to stop and just can’t be allowed to continue. It was soooo bad I couldn’t even put on my jeans this morning, I had to put on my stretchy pants. THAT’S BAD! Thankfully, after those bathroom breaks, I did manage to put on my favorite pair of jeans. Now I feel almost human.

Once I’m not truly crabby anymore I suppose I’ll start up the exercise thing again…well it’ll be easier once I can breath better. In the meantime; no more heavy snacking! This is just killin’ my tummy! It’s making me feel bad to boot.

Who’s idea was this again?

Oh yeah.



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  1. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    One thing you miss when you develop a gluten allergy late in life are all the donuts you used to eat. I used to love the chocolate donuts at Mrs. Murphy’s (local bakery) and then the next day you put them in the oven to get nice and hot. Haven’t tried the gluten free variety ’cause there is no way that they would compare.

    Enjoy your New Year’s!

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