Obsession-Weekend Dirty Dozen

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Greetings and Welcome to my post for the Weekend Dirty Dozen!

I know I’ve been away for a while over the holidays but I’m happy to be back and to be able to offer you this small sampling from my upcoming novella “Obsession”, a contemporary romance/suspense story due for release in e-Book only on February 14, 2012. This story is ADULTS ONLY and, as usual for me, walks on the Darkside.

12 Sentences from the upcoming “Obsession”:

Outside, the first drops of rain patter against the windowpane as faint flashes of lightning give an eerie glow to a cloudy sky. The hand on his shaft reaches down to grab his aching lonely balls and give them a long massage as Helen listens to the sultry sounds of breath catching in his rippled hairy chest. With one ear nuzzled to the flat of his heaving flat abs she can hear his heart beating away like a pagan drum beckoning her further, closer as sweat breaks out on that chiseled body making it glisten and glow in the candlelight. The musky scent of it tingles her nose as she buries it deep in that soft patch of fur between his legs. The first precious drops of the hot salted explosion to come waft over her tongue rolling down her throat welcome as the morning dew. It’s not long before the strong fingers grabbing and gently yanking handful of hair at the sides of her head flex and grab hold. His lean slender hips come up off the bed as though some puppet master commands it and the pulsing cock in her mouth start to throb as hardens to granite. The man above her lets out a serious of deep grunts and then a howl as he sits up, propelled by that same puppet master, and his cock lets loose its long held load. Helen doesn’t waste it, not a single drop, she takes it down her throat and licks him clean along with her lips before slithering back up his quivering body.

“Welcome home.” Kevin doesn’t answer her and at first she’s dismayed but when his hazy eyes roll open she smiles. “You all right…old man?”

He’s never felt better.

Thanks for coming by today! I hope you will enjoy my newest novella! You may now return to The Weekend Dirty Dozen

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  1. Very descriptive as always Lisa. Good post!😀

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