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Yes, I’m still here and I’m still WRITING! WOOT! WOOT!

We’re halfway through what we already had for “Obsession” and done a ton of revisions fleshing everything out and adding things in and generally having fun. BUT the damn story is insisting on being written in the present tense, like The Limikkin, ya know nothing like;Helen dressed quickly but refused to leave until the bed was made and the room cleaned up, if the Sheriff was going to be arriving, she wanted the house presentable.

It has to be; Quickly, Helen dresses but refuses to leave until the bed is made and the room cleaned up from last nights festivities. If the Sheriff is going to be arriving at her door she wants her house to be presentable.

It’s drivin’ me nukin’ futz! But we’re getting there. Up to page 72 which is adding ten more pages to what we started with as we do our best impression of Rodin and chip away all of the excess and whatnot. Feels good to be moving along anyway. Came up with a nifty cover for the project

See, the Creative Juices ARE flowing! LOL

We’ve also got a few new spots, come see the interview for The Book Boost Blogger of the Year. I would greatly appreciate it if you would click that link and leave me a comment or question over there. Your comments/questions count as votes.

We’re also over on the The Rue Review with a new interview. If you go for that one, use the scroll bar on the box to read the whole thing.

In other news…hubby got a nice surprise today; a bonus! Remember a I posted a while back about all of the good work he’s done and the awards he’s won for his job at the USCGA? Seems this week the company decided to recognize the same! Congrats, honey, you deserve it!!! We may even go out to dinner tonight.🙂

Well, we’ve still got time on our day so we’re off to see what else can come up with/fix/work on with “Obsession”.

Have a great weekend!

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