The Weekend

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Hubby got that nice bonus last week and we went out to dinner, Chester’s BBQ best BBQ in Southeastern, CT! Well, except for the cornbread, I’m not a fan. Cornbread should be a bit dry and crumbly it shouldn’t be more like Corncake with vanilla added in. Anyway, I love the ribs and so does hubby so that’s where we were. Chester still recognizes us, I’ll never forget when he opened his little shack downtown and came wandering into my ex-office with menus one day. He still remembers too, that’s kinda nice, huh? We got a huge order so we could bring goodies home for later snacking.

Then we went to see “Sherlock Holmes”. I love Robert Downey, Jr., he will always have a special place in my heart. I loved the first “Sherlock Holmes”, if you did too…wait for DVD. It’s an ok movie but it relies way more on overly staged fight scenes than it does on solving a mystery so it kinda falls a little flat. Movies seem destined to be over-blown lately with IMAX and 3-D, they’re relying more and more on special effects than on acting/plot/dialogue. Don’t get me wrong, I love special effects but they should never pull me out of that wonderful ability to suspend disbelief. They should never make me think; Wow! That’s an awesome (or godawful!!!) effect! They just make me think; Wow!

But Downey and Law play well off each other just as in the first movie, it has its very funny moments, yes it does. I’d really like to see them do an a full-on comedy together, that could be quite fun. One of the better parts of the movie was the trailer where I got to see the coming attractions for “The Avengers” a/k/a “Almost Iron Man III”. I love “Iron Man” both movies! I liked “Thor” it was ok. Not a fan of the “Incredible Hulk” and I have not seen “Captain America” there are only so many comic-book-based movies I can take in a single year. As long as “The Fantastic Four” (who are far far less than ‘fantastic’) and the most dreadful “Watchmen” aren’t in, I suppose I’ll be viewing “The Avengers” at some point in the future. Could be good. Can’t be any worse than “Cowboys and Aliens” (was that the name of it?), which I haven’t seen because the premise is just too stupid for me to sit through sans alcohol. I suppose, lightly lit on a few shots and a handful of mushrooms it could be a one-time-only watchable flick. I love “Shrek” but, trust me here, it’s WAY better on ‘shrooms! MILES and MILES…GALAXIES…better. 🙂

While having a smoke outside on Saturday, my neighbor came running over with her iPhone in her hand to show me pictures of her new granddaughter. I didn’t even know she was expecting a grandchild! Little Molly is 3 weeks older and cuter than a bug in a rug. As we stood there chit-chatting about this-n-that, I discovered hubby and I are the only people on the upper half of the street (at least) who are not grandparents.

1-Phew..dodged a bullet there!

2-Really? We’re all around the same age, I seem to recall a time that in order to properly be called ‘grandma’ or ‘grandpa’ one was generally in their 50s or later.

Kind of a little quanadry there. But, all is well so that’s good. Everyone’s happy and healthy….Forward Ho!

We had my friend Cris over for dinner on Saturday, Nikki invited her and she cooked. She made fried chicken and forgot that the Seasoned Salt she picked up is also SALT. Yeah. Nuff said. We had a nice time, it’s always good to see her. Other than Chris, she is my oldest and dearest friend in the world. Like Chris, Cris and I don’t get together nearly enough just to shoot the breeze and have a few laughs.

Sunday rolled around and it was time to turn our attentions to the kitchen. Hubby is bored off his ass now that he’s no longer smoking…yes, he’s stuck to it! I’m VERY proud of him! Becca and I have dropped out of the race; we’re both smoking a handful of cigs a day outside the house. He took down on cabinet door, took it to the basement, sanded it, and then put the varnish on it that we had hanging around from when we put the door French doors on my office. I must say, just sanding the damn thing made a MASSIVE difference! He could have hung it back up just like that and I’d have been happy as a clam…well, ok, fine, maybe put a little clear-coat on it first.

Now just to give you an idea of our new undertaking here; there are 30, yes 30, cabinets & drawers in my kitchen which will the doors will need to be taken down, all of the wood needs to be sanded (doors, faces, sides) and then varnished/painted/schellacked…whatever…then hung back up. All with their hardware (hinges & pulls) which need to be cleaned….severely need to be cleaned. They’re copper and I like them. I don’t really want to switch them out for something else. There’s also a large wooden beam in the kitchen that will have to be done to match. So, ya know, the wood alone isn’t a small project. However, it will look very nice once we can agree on a color scheme. I’m a “warm” person and he’s a “cool” person–I like rich darker colors and he doesn’t– so we don’t usually agree on things like that right away. However, I think I’ve finally gotten him away from white, which is my least favorite color in the whole world. It’s stark. Cold. Sterile. Lifeless. I hate it. AND, having a white kitchen is like having a white living room; man, it looks GREAT on the TV, movies, magazines yep it does then you get it your house where you LIVE and the first muddy footprint/spilled glass of whatever/or in the case of a kitchen, spaghetti dinner, and…you’re toast. You’re wondering why in the hell you ever did this! I keep inching him toward ‘off white’, you know, bisque, ecru, eggshell, anything but stark white.

I want to keep the cabinets around the color they are when sanded…a slight bit darker color than what they are nude with a nice clear-coat mixed in so it’s shiny and easy to scrub w/o taking off the color when you’re done. I want a dark counter top that won’t show every little freakin’ burn spot and place where red juice was spilled but never cleaned up. (Yes, we’ve had a white counter top in this house all of my life and I can’t wait to get rid of it!) I’d like to see a lighter toned back splash to add some contrast, maybe a faux tile or pattern of some type. He wants to put little lights under the cabinets and that’s a cool idea, I like that. We’re also going to get a pot rack and try to clean up some of the mess that’s constantly hanging around. Trouble there is my house is 1.5 stories…not 2 stories. This means while the ceiling is a great height for me, if you’re over 6 foot and something’s hanging a bit…please duck or you’ll hit your head.

Of course we’ll have to hammer out the color scheme for the walls. It’s time that terrible green trim went. I don’t why I ever picked that shade it’s just horrible. I do like the pale yellow on the walls. Another shade or two darker and it would go well with the cabinet/counter top/back splash I have in mind and might just be light enough to suit hubby’s tastes as well. We have to get a new hood-thing for over the stove, I think the one we have came with the house in 1942!

So it looks as though we have a few weekends planned out ahead of us. Hubby wants to re-do inside the cabinets and I don’t know why…like…at all. But I’ve cleaned out the goodie cabinet, the broom closet, and the cabinet over the coffee-stop. Threw away a lot of crap that was hanging around in there. Tomorrow or later today I’ll get to the cabinet under the coffee-stop and see what crap lies in wait in there.🙂

Along with the kitchen, Yours Truly may be getting a bit of a makeover as well. I went grocery shopping early this morning and got myself a little treat; AM PM YOGA FOR BEGINNERS. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up this DVD at Best Bud only to put it down in favor of a movie or something but today I splurged the $10.00 and got it. I even popped it in after putting the groceries away to see what I’m getting myself into. It doesn’t look too hard. It’ll be a while before I’m putting the palms of my hands anywhere near the floor but other than that…should be ok! LOL As I sat there with my coffee watching the nice lady go through poses and tell me what to do a voice popped up in my head;

You’re not going to do this in those heeled boots of yours…are you?

No, of course not.

(Sure I was! Why the hell not?)

You won’t be wearing those blue jeans, right? You’re going to find something more appropriate…right?

Oh, sure, I will.

(Nah, I wasn’t but, well, it’s probably a good idea on his part!)

I dug around in my closet and found my two pairs of sorta-sweatpants. I’ll put those on in the mornings instead of getting dressed and I’ll try out the DVD when hubby goes to work. If all goes well, I’ll try the PM stuff tomorrow night.

I’ve asked Cris if she’d undertake the task of cutting my hair. It’s past the curve of my ass! I want to take a few photos…some for Internet display and others for private eyes only…before chopping it off. It isn’t too much to take care of by any means, I love it, but with the nightsweats it’s a pain. I feel as though I’m always encased in a fur coat.

So, in a few weeks, I’ll post a few Before & After pics of our kitchen project and my personal project. You can be the judge how both come out.

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