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Yeah, I know, I’ve been away for a few days…sorry! The good news is; I’ve been writing my little fingers off and “Obsession” may be coming out quite nicely. We went back and gutted it a bit and now we’re rearranging and dropping in things that were already written. We’re thinking it’s ok.

To that end…do I have any volunteers out there to beta the first 50 or so pages for me? It’s a mess, I warn you now. The tense thing is a royal pain in the ass but if you read a lot of my stuff you’ll probably be able to pick it apart and see what we’re getting at with it. If you’re a long time friend/reader of mine and you’d like to undertake this Impossible Mission please drop me an email.

I’ve also been busy grinding the Promo Wheel…again. As you can see my Events listing has grown since the last time you were here. I’m trying not to do so much because it really does distract from writing and its gets very tiring. I know I have to keep it going so, well, I’m doing my best to find some type of balance there. Tomorrow there will be a never-before-seen excerpt from “Obsession” for Sweet Saturday Samples. It’s sort of long but I’m hoping it gets some interest.😉

For those of you wondering; YES I DID go out and BUY a BOX of TWINKIES! I did it right after I made my last post. Ate ’em too…damn they were tasty! I always make sure I reach way in the back when I buy any boxed cake like that so I can see the expiration dates and find the latest ones which are always in the back with the ‘fresh stock’. Yep, they didn’t last 12 hours in my house! hahahaha I’ll have to get another box soon.

Oh yes, and also for those of you wondering; YES I DID try the YOGA DVD. Wow. Ok. The main thing I learned is that “Practical Theory” is a hell of a long way from “Working Theory”!!!! The lady makes it look so easy and I can get into many of the ‘poses’ very easily…just not in the way she does it. AND it’s very…s-l-o-w. A lot slower than it looks or I’m a lot faster than I think, not sure which. MOSTLY it just makes me feel like an IDIOT and I’m so glad no one’s around to see me doing it. Seriously, I feel like a flexible moron as I get into some of those ‘poses’ and pray no one’s walking down the street to get a gander through the front window.🙂 So…not sure how long I’ll stick with that. Might be good if I had someone to do it with me or at least work with me for a bit. Dunno.

I’m getting OLD. For WEEKS I have been waiting for last night with much anticipation. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I was gonna get to watch NEW “Bones”, “Person of Interest” and “The Mentalist”! Oh Happy Day! I haven’t been able to watch all three of them like that since last season! (Thursday used to my favorite TV night) AND blondie was gonna have a Red John episode! I went upstairs, got under my covers with my snacks and drink, settled in, turned on “Bones” and…

I fell asleep.


I’m so mad.

Hubby even TRIED to wake me up when blondie came on; “C’mon, pooh-bah, blondie’s on. C’mon, Red John.”


That’s the second night in a row. I shouldn’t complain…I mean…I SLEPT…which is very nice. I just couldn’t hold my eyelids open and I sorta figured that I should give in and let sleep take over even though it was very inconvenient. Why can’t it do that on a Wednesday or Friday when there’s crap on TV? Geez. Maybe CBS or FOX will be kind enough to put them online for me to watch.

Here’s hoping.

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