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Well we used most of our time wisely this weekend and we started the kitchen project. We’re going to do it in stages so it’ll be easier and just start in one area and make our way around the room until the cabinets are done.

Here’s my kitchen.

I ‘sewed’ two pics together for this one so you can see the whole wall. This is before any work started except, as you can see, one cabinet door is missing.

This is how that came out.

We think maybe that color is a little too dark.

Those are the other walls so you can see what we’re starting with here.

We did get to work

By the end of the day on Sunday hubby had all of the cabinet doors down and sanded and…

Damn! That’s better already…don’t you think?

He wanted me to get in there and pull up all of the old contact paper. Old is an understatement where contact paper is concerned this stuff was laid down somewhere around the time I came along! I dreaded doing it but went online and found tips and tricks. A hair dryer and a solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and all of that nasty old crap came right up. I was shocked!

Little by little we’ll get it done. I’ll post pics as time goes on.

I also managed to do some writing over the weekend….well, yesterday mainly. I just got completely lost in what I was doing (for a change!) before I knew it the story had taken such a dark and nasty turn…I’m not sure I can publish it! Well, not under my own name anyway. I was hoping for something medium/dark with a lot of sex and laughs thrown in but Eddie decided he was taking the chance at Center Stage and went way over the top. The good part about that is that the really nasty shit should be done and over with now. I mean it’s really nasty. Even for me. We’re almost all caught up with what we already had so that’s good too. Just a few small things left to drop in or discard, either way.

Yesterday was Miss Nicole’s 26th birthday. Unfortunately, we’re broke and couldn’t get her a gift in time. I’ll get her something at the end of the week. Her new boyfriend, excuse me, fiance, spent most of the weekend with her. He seems like a nice kid. Today Miss Rebecca has a doctor’s appointment that she is soooo not looking forward to. She has to have an upper & lower GI. This should be fun. Oh boy.

Probably not getting much writing done today although I would really like to bring in Raph (no, I didn’t forget the ‘l’). He’s the last character to come on scene, Helen’s son and if I can get him in here and have a little hissy-tiff over the fact that his mother has a boyfriend then I’ll feel good. We’re up to page 64 or so and I don’t envision it going over 110 so I guess we’re almost there. The tense is still bouncing back and forth and driving me totally batshit. I’ll have to fix it when all is said and done and that’s not going to be a fun project.

Onward and Upward!


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  1. do agree it might be a tad bit dark. i prefer lighter color too (why i bought a black couch, go figure hahaha). i like the natural color it has when sanded, maybe just a thin layer of natural covering, see how it turns out?

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