Weekend Dirty Dozen-Obsession

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Greetings and Welcome to my post for the Weekend Dirty Dozen!

This story is ADULTS ONLY and, as usual for me, walks on the Darkside.

12 Sentences from the upcoming “Obsession”:

With his hand on his bulging cock, slowly he ventures up to the window, careful to stay out of the direct line of it, and not to risk attracting the glance of Colonel Smith’s practiced eye. Standing in the dying flowerbed of mums and roses, he peers through the tiny crack between the shade and the heavy velvet curtain. From here, with his ear pressed to the corner of the glass as the rains pour down, he hears her sighing and moaning, cooing with passion, and begging the two-faced Adonis thrusting away between her legs from behind non-stop.

His cock, naked to the world, soaked with the falling chilly autumn rain only grows harder as it begs for relief. He strokes it faster trying to keep time with her coos as he watches the shadows showing him the Kiwi Colonel taking holes that don’t belong to him. He envisions himself buried deep in there with her arms wrapped around him, welcoming him, wanting him, the way he knows she does.

She has to. She just has to.

Still there is no relief, no climax, soon the skin on his pulsing throbbing cock is chaffed and sore.

Soaked to the bone and growing angrier by the second, he drops his cock now flopping out of his jeans in the rain and ventures closer than ever before to the window. Putting his hand against the wet glass he stands on his tiptoes to peer through the crack between the windows and drawn velvet curtains and get the best possible view wondering what her pussy feels like, tastes likes, smells like. From the look on the Colonel’s face and the way his eyes are rolling back in his head as he throws his strong back into his work, it feels pretty damn good.

Thanks for coming by today! I hope you will enjoy my newest novella! You may now return to The Weekend Dirty Dozen

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  1. I take it she is the obsession the book is named for? Good job🙂

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