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Contemporary Chiller/Mystery-Releases February 29, 2012

Walking down and then across Main Street her arm around his waist and his about her shoulders, Helen looks up at him to mutter, “Umm, I’m sorta new at this, when I introduce you to people, do you want me to say Colonel Smith?”

Kevin lets a snort that quickly turns to a belly laugh as he wraps his arm tighter around her shoulders.”Nah, that’s all right, sweetheart.” He bestows a sweet kiss on the top of her head glad to be out in public with her even if he is doing a bit of recon on the side. “Boyfriend’s just fine with me.”

Their next stop is Martha’s Diner. Another one-story building, this one wood unlike the glass of the service station. The front porch consists of well worn wood planks containing wood benches where scarecrows perch happily watching the empty street with corn husk hands holding up chalkboard signs displaying the day’s special and that Homemade Pumpkin Pies are $8.95, Order Today for Thanksgiving.

Inside, as Kevin will find out as they trek through Tarrytown this late morning, Martha’s Diner is small and cozy. Nothing pretentious just good old fashioned New England folk and businesses. The wood floors inside are well aged but clean as a while, pretty pink and green curtains adore the spotless window below which lay matching linen napkins on dark faux marble table tops. In the middle of the room sits a lunch counter where stools match the counter tops. Some would call it quaint, others would say it was rustic, the more cynical among us would say that it’s rundown. But everything about the place tells the wise traveler the food is bound is be excellent.

The owner, Ursula Godsoe, who plays bridge with Helen on Thursdays, smiles wide as she sees the two enter and then quickly makes her way over to them with a steaming pot of fresh coffee. “Mornin’, Helen.” Color rushes into her slightly chubby cheeks as she turns over the cups already on the table, she fills each without asking if any is wanted. “How you doin’ on this fine mornin’? Pretty new necklace ya got there, this handsome fella give it to ya?”

“Fine, Ursula, just fine.” For the second time Helen made the introduction, for the second time she thought it odd and for the first time wondered if it would get easier. “Ursula Godsoe I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Kevin Smith. Ursula here is a hell of a Bridge player and she makes the best pies in all of Maine.”

“Oh, I dunno ’bout that, Helen, but I thank ya just the same.” Ursula chimes with a wide grin before wiping her hand on her apron and holding it out, “Very nice to meet you, Mr. Smith, I’ve heard a lot about you at Thursday night Bridge.” She feels almost giddy as a schoolgirl when his hand slips over hers. All the women had been talking about the tall dark and exceedingly handsome stranger since he made his arrival, which was late last summer/early fall and shortly before he hooked up with Helen Makris. On Thursdays nights, after Helen has one too many glasses of wine she loves to talk about him and the way he makes her feel. The married women cluck like hens over the thoughts and wicked ideas of him as they drink and laugh not caring much about who’s winning the game.

“Good to meet you too, Ursula.” Kevin lets her hand go and then looks over at Helen, “Been talking about me behind my back?”

“All good things, Mr. Smith, all good things,” Ursula assures. “Now what can I get for the two of ya? Turkey’s fresh, cold out there, good day for a hot open faced sandwich, wouldn’t ya say. I got a cherry pie that’s just about ready to come out of the oven.”

Suddenly Helen’s stomach rumbles, “Sounds delightful, with fries, please,” she takes a big sip off the coffee and motions for more, “you could just leave the pot if you want.”

“Will do,” Ursula settles the steaming pot on to the metal table with its fake but clean and shiny green granite veneer, “You sir, what can I get for you.”

“That sounds good, I’ll have the same.”

“You got it,” Ursula walks away happy to have finally made the acquaintance of Mr. Smith, she can’t wait to tell the girls. Suddenly, Helen’s chilly hand on her arm stops her.

“Any news?”

“Nah, none.” Ursula pats Helen’s hand knowing she’s asking about Mary Sue and the Strangler. The poor girl worked the breakfast shift at the diner for the last two years as she saved up for college. It’s easy to see Helen is worried just as the rest of them are concerned about poor Mary Sue. It was one thing when the corpses of unknown women started showing up but when it was a local girl, a sweet girl from right here in town, it all seemed to take on a deeper meaning. “No news is good news, isn’t that what they say?”

“I guess.”

“I’ll get ya you’re lunch. Be back in a jif.” Ursula wanders off with a reassuring squeeze of Helens’ hand.

End of my Sweet Saturday Sample. Thank you so much for coming by today, I hope you enjoyed my little offering! Please go back and visit the author talented authors who are apart of the Sweet Saturday Samples Blog Hop

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  1. Oooh, I love how this is all homey, making me want pie and a turkey sandwich, and then turns to such dark matters as a strangler. Very enticing!

  2. You build the suspense in this sample so I want to know more๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You’ve painted a vivid picture of a hometown diner. I can’t wait to see what happens to these characters.

  4. Love the picture you’re drawing here. I wonder what Kevin has to do with the murder.

  5. It was a sweet little story, that suddenly turned dark and scary. Strangler? I want to keep reading.๐Ÿ™‚

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