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Obsession-Releases 2/29/2012

Six Sentences–

“You know you left both doors open last night. If there’s some maniac on the loose, Ellie, you need to keep them locked.”

“No, I didn’t,” Helen shakes her head and looks at him queerly, “I locked them before I got into the shower.”

Kevin can’t tell if she’s placating him or if she might have had one too many Valium earlier in the day yesterday and simply thought she’d locked the doors. He does know that when he arrived he put his hand on the front door’s knob and it opened, he walked in and stood in the hall listening to her sing along with Ella and waiting for her to make her appearance. If he’d been this Shaw Street Strangler character, Ellie would have been easy pickings. “How do you think I got in, Ellie?”

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  1. Sounds terrifying. Who unlocked the doors? Hope Kevin takes a good look around the house. Yikes.

  2. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    Do you use six sentences from your current works? Or do you end up developing a story from those six sentences? Loved this one. Want to read more.

    • It’s 6 sentences from a current work–either published or a WIP. I’ve been posting bits and pieces of “Obsession” this last week. Thanks for coming by today and I’m glad you enjoyed my little sample!

  3. ooh, freaky. great six!

  4. jovialvampyre

    I agree with Joanne – very intriguing.

  5. Oooooh! better lock that door!

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