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I love chocolate pudding, especially hot over cake or a brownie. Good stuff! Really, a cold winter’s night, there’s nothing better. I’ve been making this little bit of comfort food for, oh, about 35 years now. (That should add to your chuckle when we get to the end of this ‘shaggy dog’ story.)

Over the last few weeks I have been tempted by, purchased and attempted to make boxes of;

(You’re ahead of me already, aren’t ya?)

Yep, not once, not twice, but THREE times I have gotten out of my nice comfy bed, gone down to the kitchen, put two cups of cold milk into a sauce pan, dumped in a box of pudding, set it on the stove, and stirred.

And been befuddled by the results.


I don’t remember it thickening so quickly?

What are these chunks?

I know I’m doing this right!

Twice I finished ‘cooking’ the pudding and ate it only to be disappointed by the taste.

Last night as I did this for the third time and had the ‘luck’ to have my whisk handy for those stupid little ‘chunks’. I put two cups of cold milk into a sauce pan, dumped in a box of devil’s food pudding, turned on the heat, started to whisk and as the thought; DAMN! The fucker heated up QUICK! completed itself in my mind, I also figured it was time I broke down and LOOKED at the DIRECTIONS.

I mean, ya know, fancy flavors, not just mere ‘chocolate’ anymore; perhaps they did change the recipe.

Stirring cold but warming and thickening pudding with whisk I read the box; two cups of cold milk


Whisk together for two minutes until smooth.

Huh? WTF?

Turn box over. Look down at the left corner; Instant Pudding.


In my own defense, ‘instant’ used to be at the top of the box where ‘cook and serve’ also used to be. Cook and Serve is separate and apart from Instant on the shelves of Stop & Shop. Or they used to be.

When I told that story to hubby last night he laughed his ass off and kept asking me; How many times did you do it? How many?

Three! Three times!

I guess it’s time for new glasses.🙂

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  1. I wouldn’t have read the directions either! After all, you’ve made this same thing for years and years, so you know how to do it. Shame on Jell-O for changing things up and fooling you.

  2. Sounds like something I would do. Except I would do the opposite. I wouldn’t cook something that should be.🙂

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