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Well, been a busy weekend! We got some snow…finally. Yep, about six inches worth. Looks kinda pretty out there now.

Of course the problem with snow is, well, its snow. I left the house bright and early on Friday morning to go to the ATM and get cash out for the Oil Man. I must have been there by 7:30 and I drove right up the little hill, around the wide corner, to the ATM, got my cash, put it in ‘drive’, went up the little hill and…promptly got stuck. Yep, sure did. The truck has nothing in the ass end to keep it down on the ground so those tires spun and spun and spun. I tried to back down the ATM way and figured I’d get a ‘running start’. Backed down. Put it in ‘drive’, put my foot on the gas, and slid all over creation upon attempting to crest this very tiny hill. I tried going left, I tried going right, eventually I figured I was so far out in the lot that I might as well just back out of it (the wrong way, duh) and onto the busy thoroughfare. That was working until I got hooked up a curb.

I finally figured it was hopeless and I was getting angry. The place was getting busy. People were starting to come and go, they used the ATM and drove up the little hill…right past me…time and again. I can’t look like I tried to PARK there unless they thought I was also a blithering idiot. (Yes, I know sometimes…I am!) Anyway, I didn’t have my cell phone, I had to grab some nice lady and beg to use hers. I called hubby at work; Come get me outta this!

Then a nice lady drove in to the use the ATM and she stared at me and she stared at me and she stared at me when she drove up the icy little hill, without a problem, she rolled down her window and asked if I was all right. I thanked her profusely and told her she was the only one who bothered to ask. Just before hubby showed up a guy came walking through the lot and tried to help. He had MELT-IT and threw some under the tires for me but it was a no-go.

Hubby came to my rescue! He pulls up, got stuck a bit in the Explorer, parks, gets in the truck, floors it, slides backward, floors it and it popped out of there like a champagne cork! LOL

I went home hoping I hadn’t missed the Oil Guy. I didn’t. He showed up hours later to give me 77 gallons…he didn’t have change and I wasn’t going out again! We’ve been toasty warm all this snowy weekend.

So, while snowed in, we got to the second coat on the first set of kitchen cabinets. We put the first coat on Saturday and I caught hubby standing in the kitchen staring up at our nice work. The look on his face was unmistakable; What’d I do all this work for? It looks EXACTLY the same!

So I said to him; When it comes to the cabinets, don’t think of it as a renovation think of it as a restoration.

He smiled right away.

Guy-Speak…gotta love it.

It doesn’t look exactly the same. We started here

Now we’re here

See the difference? I think it’s remarkable. We can start thinking in terms of ‘renovation’ when we get to the counter tops and back splashes.

In other news….

That cool Ares’ Interview went ‘live’, you should check it out. They added a lot to it and it’s really funny! Women’s Literary Cafe.

Don’t forget the AUTHOR CHAT on NIGHT OWL ROMANCE TONIGHT starts at 8pm eastern time! I’ll be giving away a prize to one lucky winner and no questions are off limits. Hope to see you there! Night Owl Romance

“Obsession” seems to garnering some interest which is bolstering my spirits where this story is concerned. I’ve gotten some nice feedback on the bits and pieces posted over the weekend for the various hops. I even got a few nice comments off the Six Sentence Hop until they decided to suspend me…again. That hop’s cool but if you’re human and you show it, they’re really nit-picky little bitches. I counted it, I don’t know how many times, and each time came with up six sentences. Well, it wasn’t six it was seven and they booted me. They do it to everyone and personally I think it’s almost criminal. They’re ON YOUR BLOG, they’re RIGHT THERE, do you think they could hit ‘comments’ and just say; ‘hey, you’re sentence over this week, could you fix it please?’ But no. They have the time to hit all 100+ sites and count each entry and knock your link off their page but not to drop a line. I have had zero problems with Sweet Saturday Samples and The Weekend Dirty Dozen


I’ve been wanting to do this for a LONG time but this weekend finally pushed me over the edge. If you’re an Independent Writer (and proudly so) or if you’re associated with a Small Press this weekly hop welcomes you with open arms. ALL Independent and Small Press Writers welcome; fiction, non-fiction, any genre, any heat level. Please click the banner to go to the site for all of the details. I would appreciate if you would pass the link around on your social networking pages. I also intend to offer weekly Author Features, Interviews, display of book covers, and more. Small Presses, Cover Artists, Book Producers, and Editors/Agents are welcome to pay to have their banners, links, and descriptions displayed on the site for the life of the site at a nominal one-time-only fee. I’m hoping to build a place that will be able to bring together Independent Writers with the support staffs they need and with Small Presses open to new and already independently published writers.

All right, I’m off to see what the yummy Colonel Smith is up to with Helen. They’ve just discovered a body and she’s quite upset.

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