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Ok, I admit, I did NOT watch Barry’s State of the Union Address.

Why would I?

I’ve said it time and again; All Politicians SUCK just to different degrees of suckyness, that’s all.

The sound byte I keep hearing the most is Barry put out a call to “save the economy” and us poor suckers stuck here in the dwindling Middle Class.

That was nice of him…I guess.

What no one seems to have is an agreeable way to “save the economy” but that’s mostly because no one wants to shuck out any more cash, least of all those of us in the Middle Class who cannot afford to have yet another straw on our mulish backs.

Here’s some ‘food for thought’. Screw the economy! Save the fuckin’ Twinkie!!!! It’s way more important and delicious than saving money for a bunch of rich people and politicians who don’t deserve it in the first place. Personally, I have bought 5 boxes of Twinkies since my original (and rather popular) “Save the Twinkie” post.

Are you lost? Ok, here, how’s this?

Cash Mob Helps Family Owned Hardware Store. These people are fully aware of how to save the Twinkie, the Hardware Store AND the Economy. Perhaps Congress would like to take notes???? After all, they seem to have a better grasp on Econ 101. I’ll tell you, that story warmed my heart this morning. It was nice to see people ban together like to at least attempt to save a local business rather than going to Lowe’s or Home Depot or friggin’ Wally-World.

There’s another another guy who bought a clue Warren Buffett Ups His Challenge To Congress. All right, I know, I know, he had more than enough cash to BUY the clue and one for every member of Congress but the point is, he’s willing to share, at least to some meaningful degree, unlike 75% of people in his (limited) tax bracket. He seems to understand the difference between ‘Democracy’, ‘Free Market’, ‘Free Market Run Amok’, ‘Greed’ and ‘Knowing When to Say ‘when’….ie, he seems to get that he’s got more than enough money for him, his family, and his descendants for generations to come. Once you reach that level…and bully for you if you ever do…it’s time to scale back, take a deep breath and a good look around, then give back in a meaningful manner. Not like those jackasses here in CT who won 254 million in the lottery and donated a whopping 1 million to veterans. Please understand, these guys were fairly well off BEFORE they hit the jackpot so, while it’s nice, donating less than 1% of their winnings is really just a way to make themselves feel better…and get the public off their backs.

For all those Bible Thumpin, Tea Baggin’, Banner Wavin’, richies out there…and the Uncle Tom’s that follow them around… Here’s one of my favorite Biblical quotes, I put it here because I’m thinking that, perhaps, just perhaps, you missed it in Sunday School; “Again, I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24) There’s also stuff in there about Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery, and being good to your neighbor, loving the sinner but hating the sin, however I’m positive that they missed all of those days in Sunday School so we won’t go there.

Here’s the bottom line; If you want to ‘save the economy’ start by saving the Twinkie and the local hardware store, and the local grocery store (if you have one that isn’t run by a ‘super’ company, that is), the local book store (anybody still have one of those?), the local dress shop, coffee shop, and so on. It may cost us a bit more and we may not “Save Money. Live Better” if we don’t continually “Shop Wal-Mart” but our friends and neighbors will have an easier life and, in turn, so will we. I don’t know, are you “livin’ better” just because you “Shop Wal-Mart”? I know China is livin’ WAY better….but are you? Or do you just think you are because that’s what you’ve been told?

Think about it. Hard. The concept applies to a lot more than just Wal-Mart.

But, ya know, I can see that some of us ‘get it’ cuz Herman Cain came in 5th in the South Carolina primary! Woot!😉 Hey, man, in this case Herman Cain is better than; The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex otherwise known as Santorum. Get a double for that one…Woot-Woot!

Barry and the politicians can kibitz while they rest of us who actually know the score get sweat on our backs doing the rather simple job they should be doing. They like arguing better than doing. That’s ok it suits them I guess, none of them have any job skills anyway. Well, ya know, nothing useful to the private sector.

Let’s face it, if your daughter did what our government does with China, you’d call her a whore and throw her out of the house, tell her she can come home when she cleans up her act.

Oh well, at least I don’t have to put up with Palin and Bachman anymore. I will, however, have to put with Aunty Linda McMahon in a few months time here. Now those rants should be fun!

Ok, that topic’s done…for now.

Next up: Cute White Woman Gets Rescued

Why? That’s my biggest question. Why did we send in our beloved Seal Team Six to ‘rescue’ this woman? Whose kid is she? Whose lover is she? I seem to remember 444 days when 52 American citizens were held hostage in a little place called Iran and Seal Team Six was not called upon to rescue them. So….what’s the deal, yo? Yes, there was one horribly thought-out plan to rescue those 52 people but, well, let’s just say that it didn’t pan out. We all got to sit here watching the TV every night for over a year while well, while…nothing happened. I don’t begrudge the fact that she’s safe I just wanna know what makes her more important than the 52 other Americans (and countless more between then and now who did not get ‘rescued’). That’s all. Anybody got an answer for me?

Well, I guess I’ve warmed up my fingers and woke up the Da Boyz in Da Sweatshop, not to mention bothering you nice folks enough for one day. Time to get back to “Obsession” and see what we can do with this dark little tale.

I hope nobody takes major offense at the above, like I said, it’s all just a little Twinkie for Thought.

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  1. Now that’s some food for thought! You always make me laugh. You always make me think. I love your take on things, so keep ’em coming.

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