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Welcome to my post for this week’s Sweet Saturday Samples

Come morning, just as the sun was poking its warm head over the horizon she got up and started snapping away. The brilliant red fireball in the bright blue sky bursting up behind the array of golden leaves on the stand of White Birch trees was everything she envisioned. She was tickled pink when she was able to catch a few spectacular images of the breath taking background with a large trout jumping in the crystal blue lake in the foreground. Helen took so many pictures she used up all three of her memory cards certain she’d gotten some of the best shots of her life. Thrilled with herself for the first time in a long time and knowing she was alone, Helen stripped off her clothes and went for a late fall swim in the chilly lake. At first her body balked but then, as she dipped her silver-gray head below the water, she felt refreshed and even free as her slender body cut through it with ease. Helen started humming and then singing; “Good day, sunshine, good day, sunshine.” She ducked under the water for one last dunk before making her way to shore but when she emerged from the soaking there was a man standing on the shore. She was absolutely shocked to see anyone standing there. Ducking under the water she wrapped one around protectively around her naked breasts as she ran a hand down her face to clear the water away to be sure he wasn’t a mirage.

“Well, what have I found ‘ere?” The man on the shore smiled a wide grin and took a few steps towards the water. “Is she a nymph? No wait, I know, she’s a mermaid out here in her natural environment, a pretty one at that.”

Helen was taken aback by his straightforward nature, “Shoo, go away.” She hissed. “Don’t you have any manners?” Helen took him in trying not to show any fear but he was a giant of a man, he had to be nearly 6’6 if not more. He had collar length wavy raven hair, a full but very well kept beard on his handsome face, and olive skin which would have led her to believe him Italian or Greek if it hadn’t been for the Down Under accent that came out of his full lips. “There’s no fishing here,” she pointed at the rod and tackle in his hand.

“No camping either,” he pointed to her bedroll and smoldering campfire, “I can read, sweetheart.” Then he held up his hands in a gesture of surrender, “I didn’t mean any harm, I’ll leave you to your morning swim. You’ve probably scared away all the fish here anyway.”

“Whatever, just…go away.” Helen tried to shoo him away with her hand as she tread water. “Get out of here.” The stranger gave her no further trouble, he just smiled and winked at her before turning around and heading back into the woods. She watched him until she couldn’t see him any longer and then she waited some more before making the short swim to shore and hurriedly jumping into her clothes without drying.
Obsession releases 2/29/2012 and is adults only.

Thank you for coming by today! I hope you enjoyed my little offering and to see you again next week.

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  1. Jennifer Lowery~Author

    Beautiful descriptions! So vivid and clear to imagine. Nicely done! Thanks for sharing🙂

  2. What a beautiful scene! Nice contrast to the man showing up. Yikes!

  3. THREE memory cards of photos…wow! You made me want to see ALL of them.

  4. I have so many questions now! Really want to know more about this handsome stranger and how he figures into the title Obsession!

    • Thank you! The handsome stranger is Kevin, this is taken from the scene where they meet for the first time. I’m glad you stopped by today!

  5. very visual sample. loved it and who is the stranger, and how far did he go into the trees before stopping to watch?

  6. This is a great scene with so many questions

  7. Very interesting sample! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him.🙂

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