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Hi there!

Welcome to the very first week of the

Sunday Stories Independent Authors Hop

I’d like to introduce you to my upcoming novella

Releases 2/29/2012

A Bit About: Set in the fictional place of Tarrytown, Maine, “Obsession” centers on the characters of Colonel Kevin T. Smith, retired and Helen Edward Makris both of whom have a second-chance at love if only the Shaw Street Strangler would get out of their way. This novella is Adults Only and contains several scenes of graphic sex, violence, and sexual violence. As with everything else I write it is not for the faint of heart as we delve into the diseased mind of an serial killer with a deadly obsession…or two.


As Kevin closes the front door he turns to the irate younger man and begins walking toward him, “Just wait, before you start…”

“Start? Start? You better be more concerned about how I’m gonna finish this…Colonel,” Rafe shoots as he takes an angry step toward the man holding up his hands in a gesture of peace and surrender. Before he can shove Kevin away from Helen she steps in and pushes them apart.

“Why I do I feel like I’m in a time warp standing here between you and your brother?” Helen asks as her warm brown eyes glare at her son. “Listen to me, Rafe, it’s been a horrible day and I really don’t need whatever this is. So, like when you were little, if you two have some issue with each other, there’s the door. Take it outside, settle it like men but, for right now, just leave me out of it!” She plops down on the couch, white as a sheet, grabs for the half-full glass of wine with one hand and her head with the other.

Kevin walks away, puts his hand on the slider and opens the door, “You heard your mother, Edwards, let’s go.”

“We’re not on duty now I don’t have to take orders from you.”

“We’ll then take them from me, your poor mother, and get out.”

With a deep grunt, Rafe walks out the door behind Colonel Smith but before it’s even shut he starts yelling obscenities. Kevin pulls him toward the farthest corner of the deck away from the house knowing Ellie doesn’t need to find out about him this way. “Are you fuckin’ my mother?”

Edwards was a lot of things in Kevin’s experience with the man and apt to mince words had never been one of them. “That’s rather crude and I don’t think of it like that but, yes. If you should ask her about it I wouldn’t put it to her quite that way.”

“No? What way are you putting it to her?”

End Excerpt

You can find out more about my novels, including the OF WAR Series by visiting me on website. I hope you enjoyed my little offering today and that you will return next week.

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