The Kitchen Project

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The first set of cabinets are done! Woot! Hubby put the second coat on the doors yesterday and I laid down new shelf liner then put it all together this morning.

The hardware has gone from this lovely shade of grease

To this!

Yeah, baby! Look at the shine on those cabinets too, huh?🙂 Took two days to clean up the hardware, a bottle of vinegar, a toothbrush, a bottle of Tarn-X, a can of Brasso, a few soft scrubbies, and lots of patience but I think they look great.

Now for the cabinets….drum roll please…..

Not too shabby, hey?

Next Victim…

If I had my way…and a ton of cash!..I’d knock out that wall and open it up. Get rid of the cabinet and the little open closet space next to it, turn it into a two shelf-bookcase on the living room side. Dreamin’s free. LOL

Yep, it needs help and this is the ‘youngest’ cabinet in the kitchen. As you can see, there’s no need to worry about contact paper with this one as my mother never put it down.😉

Considering three weeks ago we started with this

And managed to turn it into this

I think we got this one licked.

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  1. Very nice! We redid our kitchen several years ago, and it was the best money we’ve ever spent. We enjoy it every day. I’m sure you will too. Thanks for sharing photos of your handiwork.

  2. Wow!!! It looks like a whole new kitchen. Good job guys.

  3. Great job on those cabinets guys. We are thinking of redoing ours also, but hubby is not to handy.


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