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Pays off! I forgot to post last week that the TBR Pile gave “The Heart of War” 4 Stars! Woot! A couple of quotes cuz I know you guys & gals won’t check it out:

“The author has a very engaging writing style, keeping the reader on their toes the whole time. She describes violence as well as sweet romance with equal intensity.”

“Alena is a very independent and cocky Fey woman, with a lot of empathy. Not to forget she is also a great fighter. Even though Ares is still moody and enjoys the violence war brings, Alena manages to coax out his softer, more loving and passionate side. This transformation takes Ares from a mean and selfish character to a likeable badass with a big heart. The two main characters are very well developed, rich in emotion, personality and one really feels involved in every step of their growing relationship.”

There are a few more paragraphs but I’ll stop there.πŸ™‚

I’ve been writing and working with Obsession. I’m at the turning point here, we have a novella or we can have a novel. I was shocked when I looked down and realized that 88 pages of plain old 8 x 11.5 has come to 53,588 words! Well, not really shocked at that but shocked at the realization that, somehow, that equals a ‘novel’ in today’s publishing world. Go figure. We can end this in 20-30 pages or we can go for the long haul. Looking for the cheap and easy way out. LOL.

Saturday afternoon the trailer was a chore rolling around in the back of my mind. A real chore. Something I was not looking forward and considering skipping altogether. After all, it’s a novella…at least to me it is. I was a good girl, I sat and thank, and sat and thank, and sat and thank, about just WHAT should even BE in the trailer. Then I went to Google with a few tiny idears. Then I played Follow the Links. Then I had a file marked ‘Trailer’.

Sunday, I sat down….for FIVE HOURS straight…and made the trailer. I posted the rough draft here yesterday but it’s gone now. I worked so hard, so long, and with so much intensity, that my poor hubby had to make dinner…thanks honey! When I finally shut down for the night knowing I wasn’t finished but that the Finish Line was definitely in sight, I said to him; “Can you believe it took five hours to make a friggin’ 55 second trailer???”

“Yep,” said he with a grin.πŸ™‚

I wish I was bit more talented with this stuff or had a better program, I know, I know; it’s a poor workman who blames his tools! But I think it’s ok. The final product comes in at a near-perfect 1:05. Got good music, a good mix of creepy and erotic, too. Yep, not bad, not bad at all.

Check out “Colonel Kevin T. Smith, Retired”

What do you think? Personally, I think that’s as close as I’m going to get ‘without going over’. (Price is Right, anyone?) I wish his hair was longer but…not too shabby.

I think, I can’t dedicate this one to Red & Andy, nope, I think this one has to be dedicated to The Master in big bold type. It really is sort of my grand homage to Master King. I know he doesn’t do ‘hot stuff’ but I think he’d have a slight fondness for ‘Eddie’ even though he’s so horrible….yeah, ok, fine, because he’s so horrible. LOL

We’re doing the whole King-thing with it, in case you couldn’t tell, we’re even in upper East Bumfuck, Maine. I have kept the character names that I was going to ditch. I love them, they’re staying. They’re not really ‘characters’ in the book/story except for a chapter or two and I figure he’s got enough money he probably won’t sue me. BUT if he does, at least I’ll get to meet him!!!!πŸ˜‰

Come on people, take 1:05 and check out the hard work I did on the trailer.

This video has been updated from the original post! I took some advice and slowed it down a bit.

Sunday Stories Hop opened the weekend with 9 talented Independent Authors! I’ve had several reviewers sign up with the site and we’ve gotten our first interviews and promos up with a bunch of book covers. I’m gonna run over and open the sign up list for this week’s hop in a second. I want to encourage any independent author out there to sign up for the hop and other promos. (Yes, Karen, that includes you! LOL). That little site may grow nicely over time. I hope so anyway.

Well, I’m off to see what Kevin and Helen are up to.

Happy Monday!

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  1. You got a very hot Colonel there lol. I loved the trailer. The pic’s were awesome but I had trouble reading, the words were going to fast. I know you worked so hard and long on it, please don’t hate me😦

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