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So, we all know…it’s TAX TIME! Yeah! Woot-friggin’-woot!

I’ve been patiently waiting for my W-2 from Gruskin & Gruskin. You know the one that for nearly a decade I stood in the back room and TYPED along with the 1099 forms that had to go and other tax crap. The ones that just had to go out by the second week in January and everything in the office stopped for.

Yeah. That one.

Today is January 31st and I was starting to wonder where it was. Surely, I would have had them out by now. Have no fear it arrived today.

Yep. It sure did. I plucked it out of the mailbox and thought; Hummmm, I don’t remember us having these fancy envelopes that say; IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED on them.

(Mostly because we didn’t)

Then I opened it. Take a look.

Yeah, ok, like the pitiful Yearly Earnings number isn’t enough of a insult! You will kindly note that she did NOT STAND in the back room and TYPE these all-important forms on Ye Olde Brother. Nope, she surely did not. I see her time is too valuable for anything so archaic. She finally brought her ass into the 21st century and hired the job out rather than having her sole employee do The Time Warp on her behalf. Or better yet getting a real taste of what I had to work with for so long. Gee, I wonder if she’s found an alternate method for typing up the goddamn Conveyance Tax Forms? Perhaps she’s just doing the smart thing now and handwriting them, you know, like she used to do. Only then she copied the form, filled out the copy, THEN expected me to TYPE it on the typewriter.

I see how it is.

Yep. I get it. It’s all coming in loud and crystal clear.

On the upside, I’m guessing she hasn’t hired any new help yet. I’m guessing she’s realized she really can’t afford it not when she walks away from $8,000.00 like it was eight cents!

I was just having problems killing off reporter Jack Torrence here in “Obsession” too. I’m thinking that’s not a problem anymore AND my dear friend Eddie may get a spontaneous kill on his way back to Tarrytown. Perhaps a probate lawyer running for judge putting out signs on a lonely stretch of Northern Maine road?

What do you think?


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  1. I can sure relate! I’ve typed W2s, 1099s, and all kinds of other tax forms while working in the tax department of a major company as well as at a small CPA firm. Not fun, especially since they had to be perfect with no erasures! I loved when everyone switched to computers. Made my life much easier.

    I’m waiting on 1099s now from several places and wondering where they are. Hey, folks! The deadline is January 31.

    • Oh yeah, absolutely no mistakes corrected. If I screwed up and hit the wrong key I had to start all over again. I kept telling her there had to be a better way to do it but she never listened! I NEVER saw a hand typed W-2 before I worked for her.

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