I Thought it was Just Me-Susan G. Komen

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Before we get into the latest debacle, I want to say that, yes, Saving the Ta-Ta’s is a bonzer idea! Ok?

Next, I’ve always loathed campaigns like Yoplait’s “Save Lids Save Lives” Campaign has ALWAYS pissed me off.


Mostly because they spend way more money on the ad campaign than they actually donate to the cause. Look, they spend millions upon million making themselves look charitable for a donation of “up to 1.6 million” (it used to be $100,000 and they got in some wicked trouble over it! Yep, sure did.). So, if they take in MORE pink lids, guess who gets the money. Why is the customer even part of the equation? Not just that, but why am I spending the most money in this campaign?

Buy the yogurt, that’s around .75 a cup
Buy a stamp, .44
Put it in the mail

The company
Donates .10

I spent $1.19, .75 of which went to Yoplait who donated a DIME.

WTF? When I BUY the damn cup of yogurt, they KNOW it. So….why not just kick the dime to the charity based on that?

Better yet, since we’re going ‘up to 1.6million’ anyway. Why not just donate the $1.6 million and skip the rest. No ads. No customer involvement. No fanfare. That’s the true spirit of ‘charity’, at least to me.

Under the above circumstances, it makes way more sense to drop $1.20 in the next Salvation Army Kettle you pass. Yes/no?

A few days ago someone sent me a link on FaceBook here, check it out Susan G. Komen Foundation Elbows Charities over use of the Word ‘Cure’ Nice, right? Like anybody should have a lock the word ‘cure’ under these circumstances. Whoever said yes to that at the Trade Mark Office should be f-i-r-e-d. I should say that I’ve pretty much always hated this ‘charity’ since I found out about it. Like Yoplait, they seem far more interested in their image than they do in saving lives, which, by the way, is supposed to be their mission; saving lives. So if you want to Walk for The Cure—curing whatever; Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stupidity….whatever…they will sue you. No matter how SMALL you are. Even if it’s just a citywide thing of townsfolk getting together for a fund raiser, if you use ‘For The Cure’ you’re fucked.

I suggest everyone now follow Stephen Colbert’s lead (ie ‘vote Herman Cain’) and instead of saying Walk for The Cure we now say “Walk for Robert Smith”, “Bake for Robert Smith”, “Robert Smith’s Pink Ribbon Campaign”, “Boobies for Robert Smith”. Let’s see good ol’ Susan G. deal with that one. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you’re far too young to be on this blog but, here, click here to be enlightened.

So what do you think? You think Susan G. can fuck with that? Or do you think they’ll fall on their fat asses?

Let’s find out.

How ’bout Ford, huh? I’d love to see Ford’s new breast cancer campaign be; Ford, DRIVE for THE CURE

That’s catchy, huh? It fits the sponsor so…..let’s watch that one play out. Just for fun and since The Susan G. Komen Foundation doesn’t really seem to care how much of other people’s donated money it spends on stupid crap that it was never intended for.

But, yesterday, I was again reminded that The Susan G. Komen Foundation doesn’t give a crap about your life or your sister’s or your mother’s or your wives and grandmother’s. Susan G. Komen stop Planned Parenthood Funding. Yeah, like poor women and Planned Parenthood don’t have enough troubles from ‘the right’. This was not a financial decision it was one of Image and what is in the best interest of what (supposedly) makes Susan G. Komen Foundation look good. When you dig deep into this particular ‘charity’ not much will ever make them look good. Especially not when their CEO pulled in nearly $420,000.00 for her ‘charitable’ efforts.


Let’s face it, the nonprofit organization known as The Susan G. Komen Foundation is NOT a charity, it’s a business complete with big offices, high powered lawyers, marketing, and tons of swag. I bet at least a few people out there own a ‘pink’ shirt or a ‘pink’ ribbon or bought a ‘pink’ wrist band at some point. I know I have. Where did all that swag money go? I know they have a five star rating but, excuse me…who paid for that and how much?

They are far more interested in owning the breast cancer cause than they are in curing breast cancer. Weird, huh? But, ya know, pharmaceutical companies are the same way; they’re much more interested in finding long-term Band-Aid methods of dealing with disease than in cures.


There is far less money in a cure for cancer/heart disease/diabetes/AIDS then there is in stop-gap measures like insulin which one has to purchase the rest of their lives. Get it?

So, if there’s a cure for breast cancer out there…Susan G. Komen has no reason to exist any longer. Their livelihood depends on a cure not being found.

Here’s the proof of the above statement; if they ever had any real true viable interest in finding a cure for breast cancer they would not trounce on other charities also looking for a cure. They would never even consider it. Why? Because it doesn’t matter which charity/nonprofit becomes ‘Queen of the Promo Prom’ by bringing in the most money. What matters is that the money gets to where it’s needed.

The heartening thing to come out of this is it seems there are people in this world who actually will ‘rally to the cause’ with more than their mouths. Susan G. Komen pulled $680,000.00 of its funding for mammograms for poor women from Planned Parenthood BUT PPH received a MILLION dollars in donations, which made up for the ‘loss’ (it’s only a monetary loss) and the gap left by SGK and then some!

So fuck you, Susan G.

Boobies for ROBERT SMITH!!!!

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  1. There’s only one thing I can do after reading this and that’s clap. I’m getting a weird look from my mother right now but that’s okay. After reading about how Komen sued over “for the cure” crap, I knew that no money whatsoever was ever going to go from my pocket to them. That’s not a charity. You don’t get to sue someone over something so retarded as that and get to call yourself a charity. And didn’t they try claiming the “pink ribbon” as part of their thing too? It’s so sad and irritating!

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