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SAMPLE from the upcoming OBSESSION

Kevin holds up a hand as every other mouth in the room opens, “I’ll do it.” He takes the paper from her, puts it back on the table and then takes up her hands. “I know this is hard so listen to me, you’ve been his focus this whole time, he’s fixated on you, Ellie. He’s obsessed with you.”


“Shh, ok, just listen to me. We went walking the property and it looks like your…friend…here has been watching you about two years. He was probably fairly happy just hanging back and watching you and taking little trinkets from you that he can…hold. That is, until I came along,” he lets go of one hand to rub it along the beard at his chin and then through the hair on the side of his head. “We got together and that set him off because I’ve got what he knows he can’t have; you.”

Looking into his eyes it all begins to settle in her mind, sink in, and make sense but it’s still a few inches away from clicking together. “He thinks I’m what? Cheating on him? So he kills people? He can’t have me, stupid little me, so he goes around raping and torturing other women?”

A single word is all that’s needed but it’s so difficult for him to force through his lips, “Yes.”

“Three women and one man are dead because this lunatic has a crush on me?”

“That could just be the tip of the iceberg. There culd—”

“Would you just shut up?” Kevin rails at Dixon. “It’s a damn good thing you’re not a doctor because your bed side manner really bites, mate.”

A groan of agreement goes through the other men in the room making Dixon’s face run red before he casts his eyes to the floor.

“The cherry tobacco smell and the times I thought I smelled cologne or that Craig was in the house? When I thought I felt someone watching me?” Her trembling hands run to her throat to close the collar on her sweater and clutch it tight. There were many nights when she had vivid dreams of a phantom lover. Up until right now, she chalked it up to the wine, the pills, and her ever-present overactive imagination. Earlier Rafe insisted the man broke into her bedroom last night. Her stomach knots and gives a heavy heave. One hand covers her mouth to hold back the vomit rising at the back of her throat as her mind tells her perhaps those were not vivid dreams after all. Perhaps last night wasn’t the first time he broke into the house when she passed out from a little too much Moscato and a few Valium. She doesn’t know how to tell Kevin this and so she keeps it to herself for the time being. “It was him. Not my imagination?”

Kevin doesn’t understand why she thinks it’s all been a trick of her mind but he’s glad that the light is dawning. “It was him not your imagination.”

Somehow, that knowledge feels good it makes the rest of it nearly tolerable and the last bits click together to form a bright picture. In her mind, Helen sees herself sitting at a table playing a high stakes game of Texas Hold ‘Em and she is holding eights and aces; The Dead Man’s hand. Yet it is her hand and she knows she has to play it through to the end of the game even if it is a loser, “What do we do?”

“First, I’m going to turn this place into a fortress and then I’m going to catch this guy, Ellie. If I have to I’ll kill him.” Kevin turns his head to look at the officers of the law in the room, “You make sure you put that in your notes, I don’t want to be misquoted here.”

Obsession releases 2/29/2012 is Adults Only. For more information please click the link. You may also view the trailer below….trailer is ADULTS ONLY for purposes of this hop. If you are not over the age of majority in your part of the world please do not view it.

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  1. Compelling premise here–a chilling realization, no doubt. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jennifer Lowery~Author

    Great sample!! Love the trailer too🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. That would be terrifying. Great plot. Intensely creepty and scary.

  4. Great excerpt. Her reactions–physical and mental–added to the tension. Creepy, scary, with lots of foreboding. Good description.

  5. This is wicked-creepy. Sounds like it has the perfect title!

  6. Love the scene here. This sounds like what it is a chiller.

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