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Yeah, ok, the Pats lost…what a bummer. BUT it was an awesome game. It went right down to the wire and, personally, I can’t ask for anything more than that.

We had our Super Bowl Feast but I burned the Caeso dip…darn. It was the first time I made it with Velveeta and a can of tomatoes & chiles so I’ll know better next time. We had wings and grinders and all sorts of goodies.

I was impressed with Kelly Clarkson, that don’t happen often! She did a wonderful job on the National Anthem. Wish I could say as much for the Most Expensive Lip Synching Display Ever….a/k/a Madonna’s Half-Time show.🙂

My vote for Best Commercial of the Night goes to

I was left speechless by it. In tears even. I thought it was just totally awesome. The I heard good old Karl Rove denounce it as ‘a love letter to Obama’. Jackass. I really hate that moron. I see it as a Wake-Up Call to the country. It’s time we got off our asses and started making something again. Maybe then we could find our way out of this mess?

It’s possible.

In other news….my Darling Daughter is getting married on Valentine’s Day. Yep. She bought a pretty dress and everything. I’ve been invited ‘if I want to go’ and told I can ‘take pictures if I want’. More on this in some other post. I’ve come to understand that my truthful observations of my family life are unappreciated here in Ye Olde Blog so, ya know, best just to skip ’em. Keep ’em to myself and not bother you nice folks.

That’s my new Philosophy of Life.

“Obsession” is coming along. It’s now so DARK that I’m having a hard time with the idea of SELLING it. I think we may end up going with Kindle for the first 90 days and giving it away for a while. If it gets received in any decent fashion whatsoever maybe we’ll sell it. We are not soliciting reviews, no way. If any reviewers volunteer to read it we’ll certainly send it to them.

I’m hoping to finish this story this week. I don’t see a problem with that…too much. It’s all coming together very nicely, better than I thought it would anyway.🙂

We’re done at least for now. Time to go get a snack and watch ‘Brenda’ for a while.

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  1. I must admit that I didn’t watch the Super Bowl game. Am I un-American? However, I did watch the commercials on YouTube. Your feast sounds delicious! FYI: It’s queso, which is Spanish for cheese, and it’s easy to burn. Once you do that, though, you won’t do it again!

    • Nope, I won’t do it again! LOL Next time I will definitely know better. I was too busy putting everything together to tend it correctly. Darn. Thanks for correcting my spelling WP refused to come up with the right spelling for me.

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