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Hubby and I treated ourselves to dinner at Longhorn and a few movies from Best Bud yesterday. We did finish that second cabinet and it is nice to ‘live a little’ every now and then.🙂

Dinner was delicious as usual. I love their baked mac & cheese, I always want to ask how much a tray might cost! I’d take home 2-3lbs, curl up in my bed with a big fork, and you wouldn’t see me again for days…LOL.

Best Bud’s movie selection is getting a little bigger. They even moved the New Releases back to the front of the store. I guess they finally realized that was a good place for them and that higher ticketed items weren’t selling faster just because they were the first thing the customer saw upon walking through the door. Good for them. ‘Bout time. of course I was bombarded with freakin’ ‘Twilight’ it was everywhere….oh bother.

Anyway, we came home with “Cowboys and Aliens”, “Transformers 3” and “Bad Teacher” the unrated version. A few months ago I blogged about seeing the trailer for “Cowboys and Aliens” when we went to see something else, maybe it was “True Grit”, I’m not sure. I do remember saying something along the lines of; I won’t pay to see it in a movie theater, I’ll wait for DVD, but this thing looks so bad it has to be good.

Yep, it’s going right up there with my All-Time Favorite Guilty Pleasure “Snakes on a Plane”. “Cowboys and Aliens” is a great ride. If you love Westerns (which I hate) or Sci-Fi or just big budget action flicks, you have got to see this movie. I don’t even really like Daniel Craig, ok? I think I’ll be on the fence forever about that guy. I do, however, lover Harrison Ford and have a soft spot for Keith Carradine (not a big one). I sat there in my pjs under my warm blanket loathing myself for loving it so much. I really did.😉 I can see we will be watching this one over and over. Truly worth the watch, especially with a buddy and six-pack. You’ll be surprised by who’s in it and how well they do with some of the…ahhh…lines…they’re given. Much fun. Much, much, fun.

We also watched “Transformers 3”. I don’t like this franchise, in fact, I hate it. I loved the toys and the cartoons but that’s about it. So…what can I say? Not much. I was surprised by Leonard Nimoy’s role and a few of the lines…that almost made it worth the watch. Almost. He really does sort of play Spock Gone Mad as ‘Sentinel Prime’. The movie could have been much shorter. The last half hour is really just a barrage of effects and buildings coming down. Michael Bay really just loves to masturbate and it shows here. It got real boring real quick. I will be watching this one again because hubby loves this franchise but I’ll be spacing out, thinking up plots, and finding stepping-stones in my head rather than watching.

We have not yet watched “Bad Teacher” but I’m looking forward to it.

Another thing I discovered over this past week is something I always thought I’d hate. Last weekend…two weekends ago?…hubby came home for the Pay-Per-View UFC Fight at a friend’s house raving about ‘chocolate whipped cream vodka’.

My stomach churns just thinking about it. ICK. I hate vodka to begin with. If it’s the only thing around I’ll hold my nose, take a big swig, and then..that’s it. But his was not the only recent recommendation of this stuff. A few weeks ago I went to the ity-bity Package Store on Montauk Ave and there was a bottle of whipped cream vodka sitting there. I said to the owner; “Have you tried that?”

He said; “Yes.”

I said; “Is it truly disgusting?”

He laughed and said; “No,” he was very surprised by how good it was and that was why his very tiny store was now carrying a few bottles at a time. (Place is no bigger than a shoe box.)

I bought a bottle this week and shoved it in the freezer.

Oh my! This is yummy! It won’t replace my SoCo but it is very tasty and sinfully easy to drink.😉

That was my weekend. I hope yours was pleasant as well.

Tuesday my oldest is getting married and she and her new husband should have an apartment on the 15th. A place of their own. How nice. She’s wearing her grandmother’s (my mother’s) going-away-hat for her veil. We’ll be there to witness the nuptuials and wish them a lifetime of love, happiness, and good fortune.

Ahhhh….young love. I remember those days with much fondness.

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  1. Try the whipped cream vodka with orange soda! Creamsicle!

    Good luck on the pending nuptials and want to see a pic of the hat! I love vintage hats.

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