The Wedding

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Miss Nicole is now officially Mrs. Jones. They had a nice little ceremony–I do believe it was nearly identical to the ceremony hubby and I had–with a few friends in attendance and all went well.

Pretty well.

We got in the Explorer and got about 3/4 of the way to our destination when Nicole suddenly said; “Shit! I forgot the marriage license in the car!”

Yep, we had to turn around, go all the way back to New London, get it out of the car, turn around, go back to Groton. LOL. Oh well, if that’s the biggest problem they ever have then theirs will truly be a blessed marriage.🙂

Personally, I was a wreck. this Mother-of-the-Bride thing didn’t sit so well with me. Of all of the moments in my life nothing has stepped up to slap me in the face and say; Jesus H. Christ! You are one OLD bitch! Quite like that did. Interesting experience to say the least. I was complete bear to live with the two or three days leading up to yesterday…other factors play into that as well but I think this was probably the biggest one.

I did get to do a few motherly things for the ceremony. I made her bouquet and I’m the old one so I’m the only one who remembered that she needed Something Old (Grandmother’s going-away hat), Something New (her dress), Something Borrowed (strand of pearls from my wedding), and Something Blue (Grandmother’s star sapphire bracelet…I actually wore the matching pin on my wrap. I guess my mom was well represented yesterday!) to go down the aisle along with a penny in the shoe for good luck. I remembered that earlier in the day but only got around to it on our first trip to Groton. I snatched a shiny penny from the cup holders, cleaned it off, and handed it to her. She kept looking at me like I was nuts and asking why she had to all that stuff for. I just told her it’s tradition so that’s that.

She started the day like this

(as always, click any of the pics to enhance their size)

We got to this

When it was make up was done it was time to take a few pics on the deck

My girls are so big now. Yep, that means I’m ancient! Anyway, then it was off to the JOP and then back home and then back to Groton but we made it! Here’s our lovely bride and handsome groom…welcome to the family Nate! (Yes, to those of you who read my books and are glaring at the height difference…that’s about the size of it between my usual hero and heroine! LOL)

That’s Martina, Nikki, Nate and a bunch of his buddies from the base.

After the ceremony

We stopped at the beach down the road for a few more pics.

Good luck to our Happy Couple! May they have a full, rich, lifetime of Love, Light, and Laughter.

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  1. Congrats to all of you. Nicole made a very beautiful bride!


  2. what karen said : you are not old!!
    watched the vid yesterday and it was beautiful. wish that all the good fortune they may need and many happy moments🙂

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