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This morning I managed to make up a resume…sorta, I guess. Whatever. I didn’t know there were so many templates for so many different types of jobs until I wanted to make a simple resume. OY.

I looked around on for a job, I found one and sent them my resume. At first I thought it was a medical place by the email address but it’s actually the Old Lyme Country Club looking for daytime office help. That’d be good. No Crazies! Woot! Rich n Eccentric I don’t mind. Poor n Nukin’ Futz? Eh, I’ve had my fill of that, thankyouverymuch.

Their website kinda sucks–scratch that, it really sucks!– so I might be able to help with that too. If I get in there, they have lots of events, I could get hubby a few DJ gigs. Be nice to be out of the legal and medical fields anyway.

Well it was a busy weekend. We spent it emptying out Mrs. Jones’s room (hahaha) and taking the stuff to the new apartment. The room is completely empty now and just waiting for a good use to come along and claim it. Hubby will probably turn it into his game room. I realized something; moving is a young person’s game. Yep, I hate it! Oy! There wasn’t much big stuff just the bed, dresser, desk (which promptly fell apart upon being picked up but was rescued and glued), small table, and TV. I was pooped after that. Hubby decided to give them the living room couch with the plan being that we would get a new one in the near future….but….they took it away and brought it back. Couldn’t get it in the apartment! LOL That happened to us once we too, we bought a brand new couch, had it Scotch-Guarded, waited patiently for delivery and when it arrived the furniture guys couldn’t get it through the front door. Total bummer.

They have ‘no food’ so I gave them a very small care package. Yep, ‘no food’ so what did they turn around and do? Adopted a cat. hahahahaha It’s nice to see some minor fuck-ups really are universal. Can’t feed themselves but they’re gonna take care of the cat, which, by the way….’hey, mom? Do you still have Harry’s old liter box? How about some liter? Do you still have the cat carrier?’🙂

Oh well. Ahhhhhh to be young and living on love once more. I kinda miss those days. The Salad Days or the Character Building Years as I like to call them.

In any event, while the wedding had me in a tizzy I’m doing much better now. Yep, it surely is nice to have one out of the house. Working on the other one now. Well she’s sorta outta the house, she’s here doing laundry today. The weather’s been just gorgeous, doesn’t feel like February at all, even the crocuses have popped up already. It put me in a good writing mood and once the moving and recovering was done we sat down and wrote a good long while.

Over the weekend I heard about this father who shot his daughter’s laptop cuz he didn’t like what she posted on FaceBook about him. I heard about it but wasn’t interested enough to view his YouTube Video of the event until today when GMA mentioned it and hubby started talking about it. If you haven’t seen it yet, here ya go….

1-anyone’s 15 year-old daughter is supposed to think their parents are hard-nosed assholes. That’s the way it goes. They’re not supposed to like you or praise you, they won’t even consider doing that again until they’re in their 20s. They’re not supposed to be your buddy and you are not supposed to be theirs. They are supposed to hate your guts this indicates you are doing your job correctly.

2-She vented, as most teenagers do. She found what she thought was a safe place to exercise her Freedom of Speech, or in this case Freedom to Vent and jerkwad Dad just had to hone in on it.

3-He didn’t like what he found…he wasn’t supposed to–like it or read it. Then he wasn’t, well, mature enough to handle the situation with any level approaching ‘capable’. If he kept HIS OWN NOSE CLEAN he would never have had a problem.

I would bet my last dollar that Redneck Dad is NOT so calm, cool, and collected, when dealing with his teenager daughter face-to-face. What do you think?

The main lesson I would have taken away from this if I were the 15 year-old girl in question is that there is no safe place from Daddy’s prying eyes, acting like a childish fool is A-okay at any age AND if you do it long enough you get really cool (if dangerous) toys with which to exercise your right to be an asshole.

Yep, that’s it, that’s what I got out of it. Nice work Redneck Dad. While you gave us parents a few minutes of laughs letting us live vicariously through your stupidity I think most of us are glad we refrained from sinking to that particular level with our children. Let’s face it, it’s hard…really hard…to teach your kids to act like adults when you have not yet grown up to the point of actually learning gun safety. Discharging a firearm within city limits for absolutely no good reason whatsoever is illegal here….the folks where he lives obviously think it’s ok.

In case you can’t tell, I don’t pay any attention to what my kids post on FaceBook. Know why? Because in 5 minutes it’s gonna change again. At that point everything may be ‘fine’ or they may be on to another ‘hot topic’ either way…it’s fleeting and doesn’t much matter.

That’s a good lesson for Redneck Dad to learn, don’t you think? Someone should take away the gun and replace it with a fat joint. Tell him to suck it up, realize he’s not perfect, neither is his kid, and life’s too short to shoot at things that aren’t attacking you. The least he could have done was donate the damn laptop to someone who really could have used it.

He’s got a minimum of 3 more years of ‘parental bliss’ to go through yet. Can’t wait to see his video the first time she gets arrested or stays out past curfew or brings home bikers or throws a house party when they’re out of town or well….you know all of those REALLY ANNOYING things teenage girls do.

Just my opinion. We all know it doesn’t count for much.

That’s ok, I don’t understand why Whitney Houston got so much press either. She drowned in her bath tub. People do it every day it really isn’t anything new. She hadn’t had a hit in 20 years and her voice was s-h-o-t the last time I heard her sing I cringed. I don’t agree with the NJ Governor lowering flags to half-mast on her behalf. That should be reserved for cops, servicemen and BRUUUUUCE!

Oh well, I’m off to see if we can tie up “Obsession” today, at least make it to the Finish Line and then go back over stuff. ‘Eddie’s’ getting dark again now that he’s got ‘Helen’ but I think I can keep him on his chain this time around or at least avoid being blind-sided by the outrageous things he does. Yeah, I’ll settle for that at this point.

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  1. Lol. Many of us here in nj are annoyed at the Gov for the whole Whitney flag thing. I agree with you and I feel Christie is an idiot but at least he sticks to his guns instead of waffling. At least he isn’t tAxing us for it – for now.

  2. Thank you!! I know I’m not a parent so my opinion is really kind of worthless to those that are parents but the fact that he shot the laptop really pissed me off. If he’s really an IT guy, why not wipe the laptop and make her give it away or sell it and then he get’s his money back! That would teach a far better lesson than what he just did. I really think that anymore teens use the internet blogs and fb as more a diary and way to vent. Has he never vented to someone and embellished what happened? Yeah, maybe she flat out lied but wow. I would imagine she has a hard time telling family anything without them blowing up at her. Gah…the whole video just really ticked me off. It was like watching a giant kid get one up on another. He’s not perfect, she’s not perfect, and the sooner he realizes that the better for all of them.

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