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Greetings and Welcome to the LAST post for “Obsession” for the The Weekend Dirty Dozen This ADULT thriller/chiller/horror story with romantic tendencies releases on Wednesday, February 29th!

Eddie swings a leg over her, settles his weight on her stomach, and looks down at her, “Still spunky, I see,” he says with a wicked little grin as he cocks back his hand and brings it forward to slap her across the face. “I thought you’d learned by now, baby girl, no man likes a smart mouthed bitch.”

The salty warmth of her own blood rushing over her tongue helps bring her around even though breath is harder to come by. Again, she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry and only hopes that if she chooses the right one it will buy her some time. There are people out there. They are coming for her. They will get inside and when that happens Helen wants to be alive. “Sorry,” she mutters even though she wants to huck a wad of crimson spit in his face.

The hand that was cocked back for a second hit softens and lands gently on her sore cheek, “That’s it, that’s a good girl, good baby girl.” Eddie leans over to kiss the new wound and lick away a trickle of blood on her bottom lip. “Do everything Daddy tells you and it’ll all be all right once you start to likin’ it that’s when the healin’ will start so you be a good girl.”

Tears welling in her eyes and breath nonexistent in her lungs, Helen forces out the wicked-wicked words she never thought she would be forced to say again, “I’ll be g-good, I prah-misse.” They make her stomach turn and heave even as Eddie eases his weight off of her and air rushes back into her aching lungs. Fighting against the want to wretch, she takes in as much of it as she can before he sprawls out on top of her.

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  1. I already hate his guts. How can any man treat a woman like he does. I hope she survives his mad desire to abuse her.

  2. This man needs to be taugh a valuable lesson. I hope this woman gets out of this painful situation very soon. Great work. I would love to find out how does this asshole gets his.

    Excellent WDD!

  3. Agreed guys… this man needs a can of whoop ass opened up on him, by a woman

    Great WDD

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