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What’s within sight?

The FINISH LINE! Woot! Which is a good thing seein’ as how this sucker should have been DONE two weeks ago! Geez, ya know for something that started out as a ‘time killer’ and a ‘little lark’ intended to be a ‘nothing short story’ this sucker really snowballed. 164 pages and climbing.๐Ÿ™‚

As every writer knows those last few yards can be the most difficult to get through.

I know, I know, I probably should have pushed back the release date to give myself some breathing room but I already did that with “Rising Son”. Besides, I thought the deadline would force me to work on it which it has. It’s not like this thing is gonna be a ‘runaway hit’ or anything it’s going to have a hard enough time finding it’s ‘target audience’ as it is without being delayed getting out of the starting gate.

Anyway, we were going along pretty good yesterday when I got stuck. I wanted to use a particular nifty weapon and could not for the life of me come up with its name! All I could thing to write was ‘the cool guns in ‘Congo’. hahahahaha Yeah, I know…that ain’t gonna work! Because I’m so completely inept at describing these things even the Almighty Google was unable to be of any assistance for a good hour. Geez I suck! I dropped hubby’s cousin a FaceBook message cuz he’s in the military and I thought he might know, yes I was terrible at describing what I was looking for. BUT about fifteen minutes later I finally hit on it….it’s a

Robotic Sentry Gun


While the one I found online is a whopping $200,000.00 a piece…whoa! I did actually manage to find blue prints for building your own. Whether or not it actually WORKS who knows and since this is fiction; who cares? At least I found it.๐Ÿ™‚

I got those added in and some trip mines. Things are coming together nicely. Kept going and going and going and got to this part;

Outside the full Blood Moon hangs like a giant ruby in the sky, below it, Kevin opens the locked hardbox at the head of the truck bed.
“Holy shit!” Rafe cries as he peers inside. “Dude, you always run around ready to start your own little war? Half this shit ain’t legal, ya know?”

I stopped there and went; Oh crap. Then continued on…

“I got a license, don’t worry,” Kevin hands Rafe a FLAK jacket and utility vest already loaded with assorted accessories; Bowie knife, Swiss Army Knife, and a nifty Air Knife just right for blowing your opponent apart from the inside out, a Zippo lighter, full ammo pouches, canteen, med paks, and three grenades.
“Are these fuckers live, man?” Rafe slides into the vest.
“I wouldn’t go pulling the pins unless you intend to throw them,” Kevin advises.
“Man, you and me gotta talk when this is over, dude, ok? Really, Colonel, we need to have a little pow-wow. I thought you were nuts bringing a handgun into her house.”
“Yeah, well, these aren’t in the house, now are they?”

Then I stopped again and said to myself; Eddie Murphy, anyone? I love “Beverly Hills Cop”…in case you couldn’t tell from the above.

Continued on and go to;

“Oh yeah, they know,” Eddie agrees readily and lays a stinky kiss on her cheek. “We done been found out gonna go down in a blaze of glory. Let the fire be our salvation.”

I stopped and looked up and said; Hi there, nice to see your smiling face again now, ah, are you serious?

Yep, and it’s nice to see you again too.

I guess now that The End is near The Big Guy deciding it’s just about his turn to move to the front of the line again. But still….shit!

Not to be difficult of anything but, ah, ya know, we’ve already tossed in Eddie Murphy (nice job, dude) and we tossed in a bit of the Right Reverend Dr. Billy Sol Harkus and now…really? Seriously? You want to toss in a smattering of….

David Koresch


Ok, fine, whatever….let’s do “What A Cook Out”…if we really have to…and finish this fucker.

Don’t look at it quite THAT way…just think….

I know! I know! “Needful Things”….I got it!

Since we are doin’ the whole Homage to Master King thing it does fit but I’m not likin’ it very much. We’ll see how it goes. I did manage to change the names….it was a total bummer but since ‘Robbie Beals’, ‘Alan Pangborn’ and ‘Ursula Godsoe’ became fully blown characters in the story I really couldn’t get away with it so we had a little fun. ‘Robbie Beals’ is now ‘Robbie Ashbury’…..Mark Cohen kept goin’ through my head, couldn’t help it. “I was walkin’ with my feet ten feet off the Beal’. So I grabbed another well-known street name from my youth and substituted it. ‘Ursula Godsoe’ became ‘Ursula Godsey’…ahhhh, “The Waltons” I just loved that show. ‘Alan Pangborn’ became ‘Alan Natick’ named after a nearby Rhode Island town where Cousin once lived. I kept ‘Michael Anderson’ the name is too generic to care about. We’re actually going to go back to a few scenes and add in our dear Buddy ‘Linoge’, we’ll substitute him for Lt. Freeman and then have ‘Eddie’ see/hear him….probably make him the main ‘voice’ in Eddie’s head. We even managed to work in “London Bridge”–you know the old child’s tune–as our little nod to “I’m a Little Tea Pot” from “Storm of the Century”. Trust me, I’ve never been able to listen to that little ditty without thinking of ‘Andre Linoge’ since I first saw “Storm of the Century”. I don’t know why that story is so stuck in my head or why “Obsession” is centered around it all I know is we went with it.

We’re almost there. We have several explosions, a daring rescue, a big fire ahead of us yet but….I can see the Finish Line baby. Now if I can just across it instead of crawling to it I’ll really be doin’ something!

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  1. almost there!
    and good to hear/see the Big Guy is showing up again too! was starting to miss his ranting, honestly.
    i kinda held back on reading most teasers about Eddie, i did read the first few chapters that were live and the last one. from all the posts i know it’s going to be a dark story, probably hard to read at times but when it’s for sale i will get my hands on a copy. now i finally got an ereader up and running, i’m set loose on all the ebooks i want to have!

    • Oh COOL! What kind of e-reader did you get?

      • i wanted to get a kindle at first, but needed to order that in the US, price + tax + shipping fee + no guarante on things on how to handle thing when it would fault i decided to get the sony wi-fi reader. got it for my birthday actually. the cost is about the same but i can actually go to a story with “humans” whenever there would a problem. so far i’m liking the new toy .

        • Awesome! I’m glad you got one and you’re enjoying it. Maybe some day I’ll join you in the 21st century….LOL!

        • no no no
          you keep writing๐Ÿ˜‰ that way i get loads more to read *grins*
          but yeah i nagged about one for 2 years… i gathered a lot of ebooks over time that i wanted to read. held off on some since i wanted to buy those, so slowly going over the to-buy-list ^^ guess who’s on there?

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