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Greetings and Welcome to the LAST post for “Obsession” for the Sweet Saturday Samples This ADULT thriller/chiller/horror story with romantic tendencies releases on Wednesday, February 29th!

Gearing up on cups of coffee and shots of 5-Hour Energy, dressed head to toe in black, the Colonel and the Lieutenant commit to memory the photographs on Helen’s computer. She’s been a busy girl and she’s fallen in some type of twisted love with the place as folder after folder is marked ‘mansion’ followed by numbers up to 69 each folder containing seventy photographs or more. Now that they’re looking for him, Eddies’ shadow shows up in a great number of them. Helen’s managed to photograph just about every square inch of the place other than the attic, she’s either been too afraid to go up there her instincts sensing Eddie’s presence or the door has a heavy lock she hasn’t been able to get past. They view the exterior of the place in all four seasons paying particular attention to late Autumn trying to gauge what windows might be safe and which would give away their position and are best to avoid.

Outside the full Blood Moon hangs like a giant ruby in the sky, below it, Kevin opens the locked hardbox at the head of the truck bed.

“Holy shit!” Rafe cries as he peers inside. “Dude, you always run around ready to start your own little war? Half this shit ain’t legal, ya know?”

“I got a license, don’t worry,” Kevin hands Rafe a FLAK jacket and utility vest already loaded with assorted accessories; Bowie knife, Swiss Army Knife, and a nifty Air Knife just right for blowing your opponent apart from the inside out, a Zippo lighter, full ammo pouches, canteen, med paks, and three grenades.

“Are these fuckers live, man?” Rafe slides into the vest.

“I wouldn’t go pulling the pins unless you intend to throw them,” Kevin advises.

“Man, you and me gotta talk when this is over, dude, ok? Really, Colonel, we need to have a little pow-wow. I thought you were nuts bringing a handgun into her house.”

“Yeah, well, these aren’t in the house, now are they?”

“Whatever you say, Colonel, personally I commend you.” Hitching it up and strapping it down he looks up at Kevin, “Nice job.”

“You like that? You’re gonna love these, mate,” Kevin reaches into the hardbox and comes back with two USM4 6.8mm assault rifles.

“DUDE! I don’t know if I should lecture you or kiss you right now,” Rafe says as he grabs the weapon out of Kevin’s hand. “What else you got in there?”

“A little something for your hip,” Kevin reaches in again and comes back with two Remington 12gauge shotguns both of which have had their barrels sawed off for easier transport and kill-range.

Rafe takes the shotgun, slings the rifle over his shoulder, straps the shotgun to his hip and thigh then does the same with the handgun on the opposite site. “What? No RPGs?”

“Nah, they were all out, sorry.” Kevin pulls two more things out of the box before he locks it, “Gonna have to make do with what we’ve got.” Gearing up and strapping down he pats himself down to double-check he has everything he needs. “Ready?” He tosses a long black overcoat to Rafe before sliding into his own and buttoning it up to cover the weapons on his body.

Rafe looks at him and then down at himself, “Sure, why not? Hell, I love this plan, let’s do it. But, ah, are you sure this isn’t overkill? It’s just one loony guy.”

“Who’s got my woman.”

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Coming to PRINT and E-BOOK on February 29th!

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  1. I love this scene! You’ve done a great job of showing these two guys, going ga-ga over heavy weapons. It’s funny, and it also tells the reader exactly how they’re armed to the teeth. I always enjoy getting information through dialogue — so realistic — and you’ve done it very well.

  2. Love the last line

  3. Gun porn. Love it. I’m in.

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