Forging Ahead Without PayPal

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I was sooooo close to finishing my story! I had all day yesterday set aside to do the last few pages when I got that upsetting email from SmashWords which threw my day into a whole different direction. What a bummer.

Anyway, I’ve taken almost all of my books off SmashWords, I left Ebony’s up there since she doesn’t *appear* to be in violation of anything. I left “Christmas Eve on Olympus” available through them as it doesn’t violate anything and the description clearly lets people know there are OTHER BOOKS in the series out there…somewhere.

I switched over to Google CheckOut. Spent the whole day redoing ALL of the buy links on the site! What a pain in the ass! I have, temporarily, left my PayPal Account open because SmashWords and All Romance E-Books still owe me a few pennies. Once they pay off I’ll reconsider staying with SmashWords.

The REAL pain in the ass about this isn’t that I had go through all of this shit because some middleman decided to throw a hissy fit. No, it’s that SmashWords is nearly everyone’s aggregate that’s the Big Rub. This goes far beyond SmashWords to effect other retailers such as; iBooks, Kobo, Diesel, Sony, and a whole host of others because SmashWords is how Indie Authors get on to those sites. If you’re not savvy it will also knock your butt off Kindle and Nook. In other words, this whole debacle severely lowers our visibility which will make it even harder for those readers interested in Indie Authors to FIND our material never mind BUY it. It’s all because PayPal–supposedly a Libertarian Run Company–decided to kowtow to the likes of CitiBank, Bank of America, and all those other jerks we ‘bailed out’ and got nothing for in return.

Ahhh….gotta love it, huh?

With the advent of .xxx I am soooo hoping some smart person out there will open a business designed strictly to deal with and handle “adult transactions” via the internet. If anyone out there can do that they will knock PayPal’s dick in the dirt. I will happily sign up with them as my internet financial middleman.

PayPal’s big Don’t Blame Us is that these transactions are “high risk”. Yeah. Right. You want to know what a “high risk” transaction is on the Internet? It’s looking for days on end for a special video collection only to finally come across it and buy it! THEN, days later, your DEBIT CARD gets declined while you’re buying groceries, THEN your BANK calls and tells you to come to their office.

Then they ask you; Did you purchase anything from CHINA?

You sit there and go; Excuse me? China? I don’t think so.

Then you have to explain that yes, you did purchase a full set of “Xena” DVDs on the Internet, from a website that LOOKS like it’s probably based in some place like Madison, WI only to find out they’re in CHINA. Then you have to WAIT for a NEW debit card to be issued. THEN you have to WAIT for the DVDs to arrive and you wait and you wait and you wait and you wait and when they finally arrive…they’re pure shit! All glomed off the TV and not ‘official’ DVDs at all.

THAT’S a fuckin’ “high risk” transaction.

In retrospect, sitting in the branch manager’s office, I realize she tried to get me to say ‘no’. To get me to say that I hadn’t ordered the DVDs because she asked me several times. Maybe she knew show shitty they were going to be when they finally arrived! BUT I’m just me, just little ol’ me. I tend to be exceedingly honest by nature; I ordered the DVDs, I paid for them, so why should I say otherwise?

This leads me to another of PayPal’s excuses; most people rescind these transactions out of some sort of societal guilt. In other words; one person order Product X, it shows up on the credit card statement, their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/otherwise significant person SEES the statement, wigs out, and the first person ends up saying “Oh, no, I never ordered that.” So the credit card company has to rescind the transaction even though the first person IS IN POSSESSION of the offending Product X. So…they got caught ‘red handed’ but they also got Product X free. They may have had to sneakily throw it out or something but that’s neither here nor there.

I think that’s outright crap because 1- I think, as a whole, we’re a lot more honest than that and 2- unless Product X happens to a full set of black leather BDSM gear or….similar I’m not getting the big hairy deal here. If you’re relationship is that closed-off and dishonest you need a lot more than a credit card refund.

We’re talking about E-BOOKS. In the case of my own books, I am quite often told that couples read them TOGETHER or that one spouse/partner read and recommended it to the other spouse/partner. Although my books are not strict erotica, I am told by erotica author friends that they, too, often find this is the case with their books. If there is a significant number of couples enjoying these books together–and there seems to be– why is anyone trying to prevent that? They’re obviously not returning the books. From my own sales, the number of ‘returns’ through SmashWords–it’s aggregates–and All Romance E-Books was next to nothing…Kindle on the other hand…well, that’s another blog for another day.

Let’s not forget the main reason I’m bitchin’ here; The OF WAR Series is FULL of incest! I make no excuses for it. I put it right out there…in glowing detail. Why? Because it’s based on Ancient Greek Gods who were notorious for screwing their relatives. If PayPal and the credit card companies feel it’s ok for them to ignore or somehow re-write history that shame is on them. I won’t let it be on me. I won’t let it stop me from doing the things that I do the way I want to do them.

Bottom line is; you shouldn’t let it stop you either.

Another thing I’m not going to let it stop me from doing is finishing “Obsession”. The rest of the day is dedicated to that. We are sooooooo close! So close! It’s a good thing this whole debacle happened NOW, I mean, ya know, BEFORE I throw out a novel about a sexually sadistic self-aggrandizing schizophrenic serial killer. I’m sure PayPal would run screaming into the night if they had to handle the transactions for this one.😉

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