The FINISH Line; Anyone Up to Read an ARC

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Holy crap! I didn’t think we’d ever get here but I have just typed ‘The End’ on OBSESSION. Whooo…what a rush!

Now I’m appealing to YOU. I’m going to do a quick spell/grammar check on it over the remainder of the afternoon and then I would like to send out a few ARCS. If I KNOW you and you’re up for reading this VERY DARK ADULT STORY ABOUT A SEXUAL SADIST SELF-AGGRANDIZING SCHICZOPHRENIC SERIAL KILLER…please comment here and let me know!


Yes, I’m serious. If you’re brave….it’s FREE for a limited time but you must swear not to share it and you must be able to provide feed back ASAP. The offer is open to reviewers with the understanding it’s still a little rough and that you will disclose you want it for review purposes.


Eddie’s almost outta here.

I soooo can’t wait to get to some HOT coming-of-age SEX!

Olympus Take Me AWAY!

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  1. you have to ask? ….. mail box is open 24/7 if you send it right away i can start reading tonight even. got a whole evening to myself.
    non disclosure stuff goes w/o question.

  2. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    I’m with mokkelke. I’m available to review too. Do you want it posted other places besides just the blog (ex. Amazon, etc)? I can accept PDF or ePub.

    • Hi Lynn, I’m happy to have you read and review “OBSESSION” but I can’t say this strongly enough; this is NOT a romance novel. It has sex, a lot of it is consensual and a lot of it is not. It has no genre so I’m billing it as an “Adult Chiller/Thriller Horror Story with Romantic Tendencies”. If you’re still interested let me know and I’ll get you the ARC of the epub.

      • Lynn A. Reynolds

        Yes, I knew that it was not what is considered a romance novel but I’m not above going outside my comfort zone. I do read different types of erotic as well. I’m also a fan of your blog so I would consider it an honor to review your current story.

        Have a great day!

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