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***November 29, 2012–Geez, man, aren’t you ever going to get tired of coming into this page? Why don’t you just print it and frame it? Save us both the troubles. Thanks, Lisa.***


Well I picked up a nasty virus today,Ultra Defragger…what a PITA! This thing looks legit, I swear, but hubby’s still gonna be mad when he gets home. Hopefully I haven’t actually lost everything although that’s the way it looks at the moment. ALL of my files, stories, pictures, graphics, programs…gone.

Totally sucks but it’s not what brings me here right now.

My computer’s down and I’m too upset to deal with it, I mean I JUST finished the e-book conversions and was about to take a break when it all went to hell. So I cried, whined, stomped my feet, had a cig and popped on the check my stats.

THAT’S why I’m here.

I have gotten mega hits from and from SBC. Looking at the combination, the timing, and how they’re both ALL OVER this blog I’m guessing SBC is my old boss though I’m not sure on that one., however, belongs to Chinigo, Leone & Maruzo, LLP with which we did a lot of business but which also happens to be the law office where Chuck Norris, now Norwich District Probate Judge, works. How do I know any of that? Because I know how to work the internet! SBC is either Kathy or it’s ‘the wife’. If you were here when Kathy ran for Probate Judge you know who I’m talking about.

Anyhoo…I do know that (a non-working site, btw) likes to type my name into Google and come in once in a while but, seriously, over 100 hits between them in less than an hour is a little much. As I write this they’re here and has been here for TWO HOURS. really? Damn, I must be way more interesting than I ever thought! LOL

If SBC is Kathy then I don’t know why those two would be coming in together, which is what leads me to ‘the wife’. I don’t know what they’re up to but so far they’ve searched the blog using these key phrases:

gruskin originally came in from ‘kathy guinan ct lisa’

Now I don’t know who thinks I stole the car keys but I DID NOT!🙂

They both have managed to read the posts I would consider ‘important’, you know about how I got ripped off for thousands of dollars by not getting a yearly raise and how pissed when the W2 finally arrived and well just a whole bunch of stuff like that. But they’re reading…well cruising…there’s very little actual READING going on with this…stuff that doesn’t concern them in the least.

I find it odd, don’t you? After all these months they’re hanging around my blog? For what? Certainly not for an address where my unpaid yearly raises can be sent now is it?😉

The least any of them could do is buy a freakin’ book…hahahahahahahahahahah

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