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I’m so glad to be done with ‘Eddie’ at least for now. I’m sure he’ll be back again one day but not this year!

I was sitting on the back deck yesterday having a cig and dreading getting to the computer when the Big Guy started talking again and promising me a ‘rush’ and I ‘wouldn’t soon forget’ if I just got back to work. I guess he figured since we pulled out the heavy artillery and were setting off explosions that must have meant I was calling his name or something. Anyway, as usual, he turned out to be right and by the time I typed ‘The End’ I was lit up like a Christmas Tree. I even managed to make a bonzer pork chop dinner…my family was grateful for that. Their dinner’s have been ignored the last several nights in favor of the story and the whole PayPal debacle.

By the time I got into bed, after a very long and very hot bath wherein I used in almost all of my Namaste bath salts! I was totally worn out and felt like I’d run a marathon. Yeah, we only did like ten pages. That’s how close we were on Saturday! Funny thing about The Finish Line is I always know it’s up there somewhere and that I’m getting closer to it but I almost never realize just how close I am until my toes are touching it…LOL.

We get into the Old Shaw Mansion and everything’s burning, rockin’, rollin’, explodin’, and it’s time to get Eddie! Finally! Rafe and Kevin burst into the fiery room with rifles out and….dead stop. I knew what was coming next and I couldn’t believe it! I looked up and said; Are you SURE? We’ve done ALLL THIS and now you want to just….

It’s not as easy as it looks on TV, in the movies, and your husband’s video games.

Well, yeah, fine, I kinda figured that but, still I thought it was a little anti-climactic but then I was reminded that once Eddie’s gone we still have to get OUT of the inferno and actually CROSS The Finish Line. got our heroes out of the inferno and then tripped the last few inches to said Finish Line. I thought there was MORE to the story but it turns out that there isn’t.

I don’t know how people will accept The End but, well, it is what it is and that’s all that it is.

I did my spell/grammar check which I’m sure isn’t nearly good enough. Tried my damndest to catch and fix all the bobbles with the tense and sent it to a few beta readers and a few ARCs (with the notation that it’s still rough) have gone out to reviewers. I’ll probably send out a few more today. In a few weeks, we should know how we did. I’m doing my best to really jam it in people’s heads that this isn’t a ‘romance’ story. I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea but I know it’s bound to happen anyway. I did the formatting this morning for print and ebooks. Still not sure about setting it in print, it can’t hurt anything but print doesn’t sell well. Not sure it’s worth it but it’s ready to go if I decide to do that. I took it through SmashWords and ground it out in several e-book formats for the convenience of the nice reviewers. Downloaded it and ‘unpublished’ so you can’t get there. I sent the raw WORD copy to two people as well.

Got my confirmation from Google CheckOut today so I’m all set there to start selling. hahahaha. I know. I also know it’s a pain in the ass for people to have to switch from PayPal to Google CheckOut but I figure most people already have a gmail account so adding Google Wallet/CheckOut shouldn’t be a big hairy deal for them. I’ve also decided to make it a ‘Kindle Exclusive’ for the first 90 days. Well, not totally ‘exclusive’ people will be able to buy it from my site in ready for Nook, iBooks, Kindle, Sony, Palm, Adobe, et al. I have no giveaways slated for it until the hops in mid-March and even then I’ll have to figure out if it fits with the theme of the hops. I may end up giving away something else. The last thing I need is for jerk to get it FREE on a hop then bad mouth it all over the Internet. I hate people who do that…can you blame me?🙂

I think I’m taking today off. I think I’m going to laze around on the couch like a fat lazy slug and gouge myself on Karen’s DVDs!

Near the end of the week, after my batteries have had a chance to recharge, we’ll tear down what we’ve got for “Rising Son” and start all over again.

Sounds like a plan!

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