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We made it!


Here’s the ‘last minute’ blurb, cuz, ya know, I totally forgot it!๐Ÿ™‚

In a Small Town Secrets Are Kept and Then They Kill.

After the death of her husband, Helen Makris never expected to fall in love again until she met retired Colonel Kevin Smith. Both widowed for years the two unexpectedly meet in Helen’s new home, the quaint New England Village, Tarrytown, Maine. All would be well if it weren’t for the watchful eye of the Shaw Street Strangler who has his sights set on Helen.

In a grand homage to The Master, Stephen King, Lisa Beth Darling and Moon Mistress Publishing proudly invited you to take a rocketing no-holds-barred journey into the diseased mind of a madman with this ADULT Chiller/Thriller Horror Story with heavy Romantic Tendencies.

Yes, I kept to my word. The Dedication reads:

This story is dedicated, unequivocally and unabashedly, to The Master, Stephen Edwin King who’s given me some of the best hours of my life. I’m so glad you made it to this party, dude.

“OBSESSION” is now available on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords and my site. Best deal is on my site where it’s $2.99. You can also read a new excerpt and the sexcerpt has been added. If you buy elsewhere; Kindle and Nook=$3.99 and Smashwords $4.99.

Got an email this morning and it looks as though PayPal is going to loosen their restrictions on ‘banned material’ so I also republished my other books over there. HOWEVER, I have not returned PayPal to the site. Sticking with Google CheckOut. If you don’t have a Google CheckOut account but you do have PayPal and you want an ebook copy of “OBSESSION” drop me an email, please let me know what format you would like; Nook, iBooks, Sony, Palm, Kindle,Kobo, or Adobe. I’ll give you my PayPal address, you pay for the book through them and I’ll send you the file ASAP.

It may, or may not, come to print in the next 3 weeks but I’m really not sure about that. The main reason I would do it is simply because I would like to have a hard copy of it.I still don’t own a hard copy of “Child of War-A God is Born”. How sucky is that? I sent away ALL my copies….including one that had my copyright certificate in it!Can you say; idiot? I knew you could! LOL

Now the ONLY reason I was able to pull this off on time is my husband is a freakin’ genius! He was able to SAVE ALL of my files, pics,graphics, music…everything. Phew. Still had to wipe the hard drive but he saved it and put on ye olde laptop so I could keep plodding along. Thanks honey! Yes, I gave him a right proper THANK YOU last night!๐Ÿ˜‰ My life is on this damn thing, man, I’d go nuts if I lost ALL of it.

BUT we did make it to the Finish Line, now it’s off and on it’s own. Almost time to get back to “Rising Son”.

Oh yeah, guess what? After I made my last post yesterday…….poof..disappeared. hahahahaha SBC came back this morning, they’re hitting from Waterford which is how I know it’s a ‘local’. Wonder what NLC thought of my post. They didn’t email me over it, darn. I really don’t care who comes in and reads what here but I thought that was a little excessive. And, ya know, if anyone out there is actually LOOKING for something here, you could always EMAIL ME and ASK. Geez.๐Ÿ˜‰

In any event; Good luck to Helen and Kevin! Let’s hope the general public roots for them and doesn’t hate Eddie enough to totally pan the book. He’s a bad bad man, yes he is. Now he’s gone for a while. Olympus and my reward for going through this ickyness is just around the corner.

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  1. Lisa Beth,

    You might not remember, but I somehow ended up with 2 paperback copies of Child of War after winning one on Romancing the Book in November. I got one copy direct from you, that is signed & another one that was mailed from Create Space. Interestingly enough, I just noticed that the cover of the one I got from you is white, but the one from Create Space is blue. I would gladly mail the blue covered one to you, so you will have your very own copy. BTW: I did end up buying a copy from Amazon, so that I could have it on my Kindle too.

    • Neither one has my certificate, does it? LOL! I hate to ask you to do that for me but, if you want to, I would be very grateful!

      • No, someone else received your certificate. I did look though. LOL!

        Just email me your snail mail address & I’ll get it on it’s way. Authors & bloggers have spent a lot of money mailing me stuff, so I’m happy to give a little back.

        drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  2. Awesome! Congrats, Lisa!

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