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Greetings and Welcome to the LAST post for “Obsession” for the Sweet Saturday Samples This ADULT thriller/chiller/horror story with romantic tendencies. ( I KNOW…I said that LAST week!)

This really is the last post for this book on this wonderful weekly hop. I just wanted to take a moment to remind anyone out there who may be interested that this is now available for sale through



The BEST deal is on my site where it’s available in formats for; Kindle, Nook, iBooks/Pad, Sony, Palm, Kobo, and Adobe.

One last excerpt from this dark tale before we go…..

EMTS and Firemen scream as bullets rip through them some of them run back down the drive only to fall limp at the end of it never to get up again others just fall dead where they stand. When the last finally one hits the ground and then rolls away from the steady blasts the sentry is silent as it returns to its still-watch. Overhead the buzz of the helicopters comes closer catching the wafting gunpowder rising high in the air in their spotlights.

“Looks like we’re not overdressed after all,” Rafe mutters, “Did you see it?”

“I did,” Kevin says thoughtfully of the robotic sentry, “I think it’s time you and I took over this party, what do you say?”
“Right behind you.”

“Wait, what are you fellas plannin’ on doin’? Can’t you see there’s enough trouble without a coupl’a hot headed civilians…”
“Civilians?” Kevin and Rafe scoff in unison but it’s Kevin who continues on, “From where I’m standin’, sheriff, it looks like a damn good thing we’re a couple of experienced soldiers ’cause old Crazy Eddie Shaw has you lawmen outmatched.” For emphasis, Kevin opens the overcoat quick as a flasher at high noon to show the sheriff how well equipped he’s come for the occasion. “Why don’t you and the State Police just step off let the experts take over from here.”

“I could arrest you for that,” Sheriff Natick points to the weapons hanging off Kevin’s long lanky body.

Kevin closes the coat, takes a step forward and quietly says, “Try it.”

The sheriff reconsiders and takes a step back. Since Tarrytown has turned into Iraq for a night, it is probably best to let them go do their thing. “The way I see is if you wanna go on in there and get yourself killed it ain’t none of my business.”
“That’s a good way of seein’ things, sheriff, a real good way.” Without speaking further, Kevin turns to Rafe, points to himself, holds up one finger, and then points to Rafe indicating he will go first and Rafe will follow.

Sheriff Natick stands on the sidewalk watching them disappear into the frenzied night. “Godspeed, boys.”

View the Trailer Here:

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  1. Sounds like utter craziness afoot! I’d say myself the sheriff had a smart idea, LOL. Yikes!

  2. Heroes to the rescue! I love those guys!

  3. What a place toleave us hanging. So much going on in this sample. Good luck with the book.

  4. Great sample. *and that pic is very sweet!* Thanks for sharing them both.🙂

  5. A smart lawman, what a concept

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