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All right, business first then we’ll get into something a little more interesting.

First up….it’s time again for….

SmashWord’s Read-An-Book-Week. ALL Moon Mistress titles are 50% OFF SmashWord’s prices until March 10, 2012. That includes “The Heart of War”, “Child of War-A God is Born” and “OBSESSION”. Just Click Here to go to my catalog on SmashWords.

Next up….

Is now available in paperback through list price $9.95. If you’d like to have an autographed paperback please contact me directly for details.


I have done the laundry, the cleaning, the shopping, ordered oil, and put in 4 resumes! My kids were right about this ‘Apply Online’ crap…it’s just that…crap. What a pain in the ass. I loved one place wanted ALL of my links! Yeah. Right. Sorry, Charlie, I’d rather be judged AFTER I get the door and not BEFORE. Needless to say I didn’t give them any links. They’ll take one look at my site and decide I’m not right for their office. That’s not right. They’d love this blog, hey! LOL


The Kitchen Project continues. Hubby has sanded the big wood beam and four cabinet doors. Once that part is done the project will be over 1/2 complete and it will be time to start picking out new counter tops. We went to Lowe’s looking for a small sander to do the molding but couldn’t find anything. Then went to Home Depot where we got one for $40.00 and it seems to be making hubby’s job a bit easier. I’ll see if I can get some pics posted tomorrow so you can see our progress.


Over the weekend a friend of mine dropped me an email weighing in on the whole PayPal Debacle and she came up with an angle I hadn’t even thought of. She presented the argument that, possibly, some of the larger publishing companies are actually what’s driving the credit card companies to kick PayPal in the ass…taking us Indie Writers with them.


I love Conspiracy Theories so….why the hell not?

Yes, it’s true that us poor beleaguered Indie Writers are the butt of a lot of jokes and most of us don’t make peanuts off our work. So you might ask why the big publishing companies would care about us? I think, when you put us poor lowly Indies together, our share of the market isn’t so small. Certainly not as small as most larger publishing companies would like it to be therefore they’re missing out on cash. To stem the outgoing flow of cash the larger publishing companies have pushed the credit card companies to crack down PayPal.

Ya know, if you put a little sugar on it, I’ll actually buy that argument. At least for now.

Of course, if that’s right, then the larger publishing companies have screwed themselves in the ass by not letting us lowly Indies in the door. Don’t you agree? It’s not as though the bulk of Indie Writers START OUT to be Indie Writers, we don’t. We all do our best to jump through the hoops of getting an agent and a publisher before we start down this road. However, most of us are ‘unconventional’ and ‘not mainstream enough’ ie there’s little to no money in backing us for a larger publishing house. That’s true, it is the lowly Indie out here plodding along doing his/her thing his/her own way and pushing the ‘mainstream’ envelope as far as it will go. Daring and challenging the reader to expand their minds and their trains of thought. To get out of the goddamn box they’ve been unknowingly shoved into and bring them something fresh….even if it is ‘poorly edited’.

Think about it. Can you point to ANY well-known best-selling author out there today who’s really on the ‘cutting edge’ of anything? I can’t even say that about my dearly beloved Master King. Never mind James Patterson…personally, I think he’s all that publishing company has left! Have you seen his ad? Well, pardon me, how can you possibly MISS his ads? He’s everywhere, shoving out a new every few months in genres that don’t suit him. Romance? Children’s Books? Really, I expect better from the creator of ‘Alex Cross’…don’t you?

I think that is that publisher’s way of trying to tell people that they’re still ‘hip’ and ‘with it’. But they’re not. Oh well, at least Master King hasn’t stooped to writing a YA Paranormal Romance, well not yet anyway. Though I admit, I’ve always wanted to see him try his hand at something romantic.🙂

Large and medium sized publishing companies are completely missing the boat in hundreds of ways by sticking to their Old Boy’s Network of doing things. Most writers I know won’t even try for traditional publication once they go the Indie Route. That’s not to say that if Random House or Simon & Schuster came knocking on our doors we’d turn them down…certainly not. Just that we’re not soliciting THEM anymore. The old adage of ‘if you’re work is really good someone will publish it’ is crap and it always has been. Now, maybe, just maybe, they’re starting to feel the pinch as they’re stuck with catalogs of old writers simply because companies like Amazon/Kindle/CreateSpace, Nook, and SmashWords have made it sooooo damn easy to do-it-yourself and get your work published.

The vast majority of people doing-it-themselves just happen to be Indie Romance/Erotica writers who are probably the biggest share of the Indie Market to begin with. Just think what could have happened if those stodgy publishing companies had OPENED their doors and taken us ON instead of pushing us aside. THEY could be capitalizing on this market instead of competing with it.

In the end, they may be getting their asses handed to them in much the same manner the Music Industry did not so long ago when Indie Musicians said they weren’t going to take this crap any longer.

So, in the end, it’s not a bad theory. Not at all. I mean, who’s business do you think is more important to the credit card companies anyway? PayPal or Random House (or any other large publisher)? Of course no one, not PayPal or a credit card company or a publishing company would ever come out and SAY such a thing. That would be ‘bad press’. BUT I don’t see this ‘Obscenity Clause’ being shoved on porn sites. That’s the big got’cha. You can get more nasty fruity shit (bestiality, incest, bondage, group, rape porn, any stomach churning thing you’d like to see it’s right there) on just ONE of those sites than in most e-books combined and they’re making money hand-over-fist with Visa/Master Card/Discovery, you bet’cha. Personally I consider that way more ‘obscene’ than any book, digital or print.

Something to think about anyway.

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