Political Big Mouths

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So it’s the ‘big topic of the day’ so we gotta do it.

Let’s start with a review.

Once Upon A Time a man named Jimmy “The Greek” said…

Once Upon a Time a man named Don Imus said…

Lately a guy named Rush Limbaugh said…

WOW, huh? Yeah ALL three of them caused a great stir. They surely did. TWO of them got FIRED. One, so far, has kept his job but is losing a bit of sponsorship. That’s ok, I’m sure The History Channel with “Sons of Guns” and “Swamp People” will be happy to help pick up the cost of Rush’s show. (Sorry, honey, had to do it!)

So far, what I’ve taken away from the above is that it is NOT ok to say ‘bad things’ about black women/people but it’s still kinda/sorta ok to call a white woman a slut.

Is that right?

Just asking. Anybody got an answer?

Imus said “nappy headed hos” and the whole world went “Oh no!” Rush calls a single white woman a “slut” and a “whore” and it’s all about…health insurance?


OK, so the white woman in question would like it if all women’s contraceptives were covered by their health insurance companies. This, somehow, makes her a slutty little whore. If that’s correct then there’s a whole mess of you slutty little whores out there RIGHT NOW reading THIS!

You know, just once, I’d like to have all these guys and gals, these ‘political pundits’ in one room, in one place, at one time, and make them all SWEAR to be on their absolute best behavior. No name calling, back stabbing, bitchiness, party-line rhetoric. Just get their asses out there and make them make a clear, concise, and cohesive argument without any glitzy bullshit. I don’t think one of them can do it. Not a single one. Left. Right. In-Between. Doesn’t matter. Which is why I try so hard not to watch any of them. Like our politicians they all suck just to different degrees of suckyness. Not one of them tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Nada. Zero. Zip.

I don’t understand the big hullabaloo over health insurance companies providing female contraceptives anyway. From what I can see, health insurance companies are not the ones bitching here. They like this idea. Why? As we all know, female contraceptives are used for a wide variety of aliments/conditions/problems beyond mere contraception. So that’s a plus. But, let’s face facts here, in the long run providing them as liberally as possible saves the insurance companies a whole ton of money. Providing contraceptives is much cheaper than providing for pre-natal care, delivery, eighteen-to-twenty-four years of an individual’s care on one plan, if you stay at your job that long. In the long run, it also saves society in general a whole ton of money. I don’t know if you’ve looked around lately but a ton of money is something most of us could really use right about now. So the insurance companies aren’t particularly bitching. So….who is and why should they?

Well, other people. Some like to hide behind their religion and others take a more non-secular approach. The latter likes to say this is forcing companies to provide something they may not want to. 1-we’ve already established that those companies, in this case, don’t really care and will benefit 2-am I not forced to buy car insurance? Wear a seat belt? Are those companies not forced to pay into Unemployment/Social Security (yeah, not always on the Federal Tax we know)? So, what’s the big diff? I’m just not seeing it. Not when this cost-effective AND it benefits nearly 50% of the population, which in turn, will benefit the other 50%. Sort of a Win-Win from my POV.

As for those working in Catholic/Christian Churches/Schools etc. well, when those institutions hire ONLY people of their own religion I’ll let them out of the deal. Yes, btw, I do long for the day that happens and will completely support the non tax paying churches right to stay to Itself, all alone, free of any and all encumberment and support of the rest of society. Yeah, I know that somewhere around 80% of Catholic/Christian females admit to using birth control on a regular basis, but since they’re really not supposed to, ya know, according to their book and all, I guess I’ll just have to let their rights/privileges/desire to be treated as human slide. Just in the name of the complete and total Separation of Church and State and all that happy stuff.

In the end, old Rush made the argument that we, you and me the AMERICAN PUBLIC is PAYING for WOMEN to have SEX!

If that’s true then my only question is; With who, Rush? With who? Certainly lesbian couples aren’t using contraceptives for their ‘original intent’ if at all. So just who are these nasty little whores having sex with?

Hummmmmm……I wonder. It couldn’t be some middle-aged man with a Viagra prescription….could it? Ya know, I don’t wanna be PAYING for BOTH of them to have SEX!


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