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Hubby took yesterday off from work and we put the first coat of varnish on the new area in the kitchen that we’re working on. It’s coming along nicely. Still have to do a second coat and then I’ll post some more pics.

My fears have been laid to rest. That’s nice, huh? I received a FaceBook message from my new friend in New Zealand explaining why I was supposed to ‘ask about Kevin’. Phew. No biggie. She was lucky enough to meet him once but that’s it. All I could envision was some irate mother/sister/aunt or….Gods forbid!….widow and what would I do then? That’s hard to explain isn’t? What? Something like;

Oh, I’m terribly sorry, but he was just so damn hot that I can’t stop doing this.

That’d go over well, huh? LOL Of course if it ever did happen and some mother/sister/aunt/widow totally hated it…that’d be the end of our little series. Yep. Poof. All gone.

I keep a very watchful eye on the hits in from NZ, oh yes I do. I can’t say that many, if any, repeat or would be deemed ‘suspicious’ in any way. I’ve yet to have someone from there come in after purposefully looking for me or the OF WAR Series. They’re usually looking for ‘free erotica’ (like everyone else) and phrases like that.

So…dodged a bullet and all is well there. Yeah!

I very mistakenly made a post over on the New London Patch with regard to the Rush Limbaugh debacle. All I said was; I must got fired, didn’t he? Then I left the conversation BUT I forgot to uncheck the little box that says ‘send me updates’. Holy crap! Today the number of comments on the topic ‘Should Rush Limbaugh Be Fired’ stands at 159! That’s LOW. Last night they were over 200! Yeah, at least 50 of then were so totally nasty they had to be removed from the site. It’s all just a bunch of bickering and name calling. Totally pathetic. What’s more pathetic is that there are REAL problems in my city and THIS is what the idiots focus on! Oy! Real “news” passes by with maybe 5 comments, if that many, but this crap sent people into a frenzy. I’m sure we’re gonna get a lot of things fixed this way. Yeah. Right.

I have to go and write a guest post on the topic of obsession for a March 16th spot, not sure how to tackle this one. I guess I’ll just start typing and see how it goes. Hopefully I’ll finish it by the end of the day and get it sent off. I’m also toying with the idea of writing a fluffy little piece of sex just to get us back in the swing of things here as I stand at the base of Mount Olympus looking at the hard climb ahead of me. Just a few hot n horny pages probably for nothing more than my personal gratification.

He likes the idea of us writing a super hot wet dream for him.

Not bad.

I like the idea of making him eat a boiled dinner, drink green beer, and then get it on with an Irish girl. Oh, ok, Alena’s not Irish. Yes, I know that Scottish isn’t ‘close enough’ but…it’s just for us so, ya know, who will really care? LOL

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  1. at least your mind is at ease now. about KS at least.

    and yay for the progress on the kitchen, we started on our living/dining room. painted first part above the stove, walls is for next week, new couch on 19th. hopefully later in the year new furniture, table and chairs are still fine (they’er heavy teak)

    • Ooooooo new couch! We could use one of those too LOL!

      • yeah decided that this year we’re upgrading. current used to be my dad’s i took over when he died, but the high use of it kinda made it weathered and it also gives us a valid reason to give it to my in laws to replace theirs that is barely hanging together

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