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I joined up with the SmashWord’s Read-An-Ebook Week and put ALL titles on sale at 50% off. Didn’t sell a damn one. I put “On a Hot Summer Night”, “Cinnamon Girl” and “Christmas Eve on Olympus” up for FREE the rest of the week over there and….there went 20 copies…poof. Just like that. Oh bother.

I enrolled “OBSESSION” in the Kindle Select Program and it was accepted right away. Come this morning I’m still waiting to hear that “Heart” and “Child” were also accepted, I mean, I did take them off SmashWords and Nook and I thought I had taken them off 1placeforromance a while ago but….no. I went over there this morning and hit ‘delete’ about fifty times and nothing happened. I hit ‘delete’ it asked if I was ‘sure’ I said ‘yes’ and…still there! I had to email for support but I think it’s taken care of now. Maybe by the end of the day Kindle will let me know that “Heart” and “Child” have also been accepted.

I figured; what the hell? We’ll try it out.

90% of my sales are through Kindle. Nook’s been dropping off like flies and on SmashWords people expect to get something for nothing just because it’s the big Indie Author’s site and so many people are fool enough to let their work go for absolutely nothing never mind a paltry $0.99! I thought we’d see how this goes. It can’t hurt anything that’s for sure. By making them ‘Kindle Selects’ I’m supposed to be able to get money from the Kindle Lending Program or something like that on top of whatever sales I make. Mostly I’d just been wanting to try giving away a few of the books on Kindle but the hoops I had to jump through to make that happen were very daunting. This will be easier on that end. I set up each book to kick off for FREE one day this month. I can have up to 5 free days per book so I thought we’d try one on one day, wait a few days, try another the next and just see what happens. I don’t like giving them away on sites like that but if it helps boost visibility I guess it’s ok.

Speaking of giveaways, not only is the Feelin’ Lucky Blog Hop going on where you can win a copy of “OBSESSION” and “The Heart of War” but….I’m feeling generous today. So, I thought, in honor of FREEBIE FRIDAY I would GIVEAWAY a PDF copy of “OBSESSION” to anyone who wants one. Here’s the deal. Go Here leave a comment by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT 3/9 and I’ll send you one on Saturday afternoon. How’s that sound? It’ll give you a little something to do with your weekend.

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  1. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    Hi Lisa: I’ve been so busy that I didn’t realize that you had some books on sale at Smashwords. When I went over, I didn’t see any of the titles there. Did you pull them? I already have “Obsession” but do your other titles appear somewhere else?


    • The Heart of War,Child of War, and Obsession are only available on Kindle until 6/5. You can still get the paperbacks but no other eBook format or retailer until after that

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