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Been busy this weekend. Finished the section of the kitchen we were working on and next week we’ll be on to the next section.

We’ve gone from this

To this

To this…..

From this…ick!

To this….ooooo shiny!

And from this….

to this….

And now….

Not too shabby, huh? Yep my hubby is a real craftsman he’s working very hard on this project and I think it’s coming out wonderfully.

A little side-by-side comparison. Gee, which set hasn’t been done yet? Hummmm….I wonder.😉

I guess we’re about halfway there as far as the cabinets go. Next we do the cabinets to either side of the sink (two each) and the little cut out/window/shelves over the sink….that should be interesting.

So I sat my old ass down this weekend to do something we all dread; figuring out the taxes! Do you these sons of bitches don’t even send you freakin’ BOOK with FORMS anymore??? Cheaps ass bastards! You have to go to the library or buy software or find a place to file online. I hate these jerks. They want your money but they don’t really want to help you fork it over anymore.

So….I ended up Googling online tax filing and settling on I thought it was a joke, a scam, a hoax…something. But the general opinion of them is very favorable. It did, however, take forever to set up an account! Ok, I’m old and my eyes are fuzzy, at least twice I forgot to click the ‘I agree to rub my tits on the screen every 45 minutes’ button BUT it still LOOKED as though I successfully made an account. It should have said; “Sorry, please click ‘Agree’ now” like damn near every other site does. After twenty frustrating minutes I finally figured it out and made an account. I sat here for an hour answering questions and hunting down information in little boxes. Friggin’ pain. Uncle Sam is one stingy motherfucker, yes he is. I hate him. I wish that old bastard would GET A JOB and get his wrinkled hand out of my pocket.

Anyway, whilst doing my lovely taxes, I discovered yet one more reason to make all of my E-Books ‘Kindle Exclusives’….I won’t have to deal with all these crappy little 1099-MISC forms! I’ll only have two one from Kindle and one from On-Demand (CreateSpace/Amazon) I actually do manage to sell a paperback here and there. Yep, to the tune of $20.86 in royalties! WHOOO I’ll be on Easy Street any day now! LOL All together, I made under $400.00 off the sale of my books. I had to put that pitiful amount of money into the information and the damn software started asking me all these questions like about how I pay my employees; Ah, nothing. How much inventory do you keep? Ah, none. What’s your operating expenses? I dunno….pretty much nothing…I guess. Then it wanted to know if I wanted to declare a room in my house as a home office? I’d love to! I do write and promote right here in my little office but, I don’t know if it’s ‘exclusively’ for the purpose…ya know, FaceBook.🙂 So I skipped that too.

By the time I finished the cheap ass known as Uncle Sam actually OWES US a whopping $178.00 this year and the Great State of Connecticut OWES us nearly $300.00. So, when I get enough money to hit ‘file’ over TaxAct we’ll have a bit of cash! Yep, I don’t even have enough money to file my taxes! How pathetic is THAT?

But this seems to be an argument for going back to GIVING my stuff away, at least e-books. Then I wouldn’t have to deal with this crap at the end of the year. Of course I could always go through the hassle of declaring myself a ‘business’ and filing quarterly tax returns for the grand $400.00 a year. Yeah….I’m thinking that’s really not worth it. Unless someone out there knows how to work the system in my favor. I understand ‘small businesses’ can get all kinds of perks. I just don’t know what they are or how to obtain them.😦

Speaking of giving away my stories; in 2 1/2 days on SmashWords I gave away just over 50 short stories. THOSE cheap bastards wouldn’t part with a few nickles but they’ll suck down anything you got for free. AND I gave away about fifteen PDF copies of “OBSESSION”. Hopefully they will be enjoyed I tried to warn everyone who said they wanted one.

Sales are up on Kindle since making this switch and lowering the prices on Eb’s books. Yeah, that always works fairly well. So it’s between going all Kindle or going all free. I don’t mind getting off Nook sales there have never been outstanding. I don’t mind getting off SmashWords since the iBook Store never became what iTunes did. In other words, I wouldn’t be missing out on very much and I might even gain in the process.

Something to think about.

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