It’s Getting Scary Out Here

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It REALLY is! Quite terrifying actually at least to anyone who actually loves this country and wants to live a peaceful life.

Rush Limbaugh ended up with 238 comments on The Patch….238! Over a loud-mouthed blow hard with NO JOB SKILLS. That’s awesome, huh? The conversation isn’t even anywhere near intelligent more or less it’s just people bitching back and forth. Good “Christian” folk agreeing it’s fine, just fine, to call a woman a whore and slut.

Hummmmm…..What Would Jesus Say about that? Ya know, considering he loved Mary Magdalene and all.

If that’s not bad enough I’ve got this lovely woman who wants to represent me in Congress. Meet Daria Novak on FaceBook and don’t forget to read Proof Your Faith Is Under Attack By Washington along with oodles of other rhetoric in her Patch blog. I don’t think anyone can whine and play victim quite the way she does and that’s really saying something when you stop to consider my dearly departed Mother in-Law! If you read that blog post and do NOT find yourself thinking something along the lines of:

What about the Spanish Inquisition?
What about the Crusades?
Or plain old….She can dish it out but she can’t take

Post here and let me know.

The kicker is, if she’d just worded the TITLE of the post better I don’t think anyone would give a flying fig but she starts off ASSUMING that we’re ALL of one Christian denomination or another. Bad assumption, Daria, very bad. If Daria wants her religion respected–and don’t we all?– then it’s time she started respecting the religions of others. If it just read; IS Your Religion Under Attack by Washington then she would have been better off. She makes that type of screw up all the time she seems very exclusive of anyone and anything that doesn’t fit within her very narrow view.

Needless to say I’ll be voting for Joe Courtney as I’ve done every year since….gee…..yeah it’s been THAT long. LOL.

I will, once again, be voting for President Obama. No, I don’t think he’s doing the best job in the world. I do think he’s doing the best job he can considering what he’s got to work with and all that’s actively working against him. I could never see myself voting for Mitt Romney and good old ‘Greg Stillson’ a/k/a Rick Santorum can keep his dirty sheets. When I repeatedly hear things like; “I’m voting for Greg Stillson because I think he has the best chance at beating Obama” I shudder. Vote for Greg Stillson because you think he’s smart, you think he’s got the right idea, he’ll be a good leader, or, ya know, ANYTHING like that. When you bring it down to; “This Asshole has a better chance of beating that Asshole” everyone loses and, yes, you’re still stuck with an asshole in office! I don’t care where he was born, what his religion is, what his color is…an asshole is an asshole is an asshole. Period.

No wonder this country is going to hell in a hand basket. We’re more interested in arguing and screaming “I’M RIGHT and YOU’RE WRONG” that we never get anything DONE anymore. It’s pathetic. No one cares about getting the country back on track or getting down to brass tacks. Why should they? We’ve got people like Rush and Daria to throw smoke screens in our faces and distract us from the important business of the day. Yes, watching and listening to people like them is much more entertaining than passing laws that make sense, that are fair to ALL, and unbiased with regard to religion, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for us in any manner.

You want to live your life by the Bible? I totally and completely support your right to do that. Go. Be free. Be happy. Shout your convictions from the roof tops. Go to church 7 days a week if you want. Send your kids to religious schools. Just don’t ask me, or anyone else, to live by your religious book. Religion is a personal private thing. That means it’s up to YOU to practice what you preach in your daily life. It is NOT up to you to shove it off on everyone else telling them they’re ‘heathens’ or are going to ‘burn in hell’ if they don’t live their lives by your religious rules.

Here’s what I’m looking for in a political leader:
Someone who is smart
Can talk without tripping over their tongue
Is fair minded and understands what that means
Tough skinned
Can put up with loads of bullshit and toss it back
Actually does have the best interest of the country, as a WHOLE, in mind and not their own little sect
Can understand that you shouldn’t have to lose your job before you can obtain health care in a rational manner
Can understand that corporations (Exxon anyone?) need to pay their fair share of federal taxes
Can understand that the so-called ‘job creators’ are on an extended vacation with no signs of coming back from the Caymens any time soon
Is a visionary always looking to the future while actually taking care of the present

That’s my short list and, yes, I know there isn’t a single political candidate out there anywhere who qualifies.

That’s sad, huh?

But have no fear ‘Greg Stillson’ in the form of our dear Daria and Rick Santorum and oh so many others is always here to instill fear in your heart; even if it is imagined. After all, it’s better to have a constituency that’s afraid because it will look to it’s ‘leaders’ time and again be good little drones. Ronnie Regan said it best; Peace Through Strength

Translation: Rule Through Fear

Of course he also said he couldn’t remember a lot of things too….that’s a post for another day.

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  1. Hi Lisa – I thought you’d like to know that after discovering that one after another of this blogger’s posts were revealed to be plagiarized from other sources on the net, every one of her Patch articles have now been taken down.🙂

  2. Yep! No problem. Word is she won’t be coming back to post more either. So, there’s one for the good guys.

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