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Little background story: My mother put down ‘new’ contact paper in ALL of the kitchen cabinets ONCE in my lifetime. Coincidentally, it happened to be when my PARENTS redid the kitchen. Gee.🙂

Yep, when I was little they put in new counter tops and installed the second cabinet hubby and I refinished during our Kitchen Project. I now understand why she did it ONCE and only once. I also fully understand why she did not bother with the top shelf of one of the cabinets and ignored that second cabinet completely.

End background story.

I went to Benny’s today for contact paper for the kitchen cabinets. I did it because hubby is so anxious to get through this project that he took the next two sets of cabinet doors off the last night leaving me with exposed glasses and foodstuffs that are about to be covered with sawdust if I don’t move everything around…again. Now, we had a slight disagreement over Contact Paper vs. Shelf Liners.

Know what?

I win!

neener neener neener

He said contact paper NEEDED to be put down before shelf liner so I bought two rolls this morning and proceeded to lay down the new paper.

Never again.

Oh no. No way.

You know what contact paper is really at good at sticking to? ITSELF! The shelf? Notsomuch.

As I cut and tried to lay down and peeled this wicked material off of itself and cut my finger and banged my knuckles repeatedly I harkened back to that long ago day as I heard my mother’s voice saying things such as:

Oh! You gotta be kidding me!
Shit on a shingle!
(and my personal favorite) Jesus H. Christ!

I also remembered getting a cross look and being shooed out of the kitchen as she tried to accomplish this task. A task, which by the way, she started with near glee and all good intentions as she picked out the paper from Barkers.

I did manager to do the upper cabinets on the second cabinet and the shelves in the three-door cabinet we just finished. That’s it. The rest of it will have shelf liner. The End. I even got out the iron and towel–see I CAN learn!–and removed the yucky old contact paper from one the next victims figuring if I did that, with the doors off it should be easier to lay down new paper BUT after banging my knuckles as I peeled I gave up again. Perhaps I’ll try it tomorrow just to see if it is any easier…that and I still have another full roll! Might as well try to use it for something I guess. Maybe I’ll just use it ‘paper’ inside the broom closet? That could work well and easily.

It could.

Oh bother.

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  1. When I remodeled my kitchen, I put contact paper in the drawers. That is way harder than doing shelves in cabinets, although I admit the top shelves in the upper cabinets were a bleep to do, just because I hate standing on a ladder & trying to reach inside the cabinet.

    The trick to not having the contact paper stick to itself, is to only peel just one corner of the non-stick backer a few inches & stick that exposed part to the hardest to reach back corner. Then, you carefully peel the the backer off a little at a time, while smoothing & pressing the exposed sticky back to the shelf (a wallpaper brush, works really well for that).

    If you were closer to SW Michigan, I would come help you, but CT is a bit far to drive.🙂

    • LOL! Thanks for the offer of assistance! My hubby just informed me of the ‘proper’ way to do it as well. Trouble is, probably like you, I’m just too darn short to do it that way on shelf but the first one!

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