Freedom of Speech vs. Plagiarism vs. Erotica

On March 12th I made a blog post (duh, I do it nearly every day) entitled It’s Getting Scary Out Here. The post has received major hits with a whole bunch of ’em being from Connecticut. I don’t have a lot of fellow Nutmegger’s who read here on a regular basis so when hits started coming in from the Capitol Building I started shaking my head. Those of you who read here often know that my opinion of my own blog is basically; I’m one person, one voice, one vote so….who really gives a crap what I have to say? I’m nobody. LOL

That’s ok, I guess cuz you should see the amazing number of hits my posts regarding PayPal get! Hoo boy! If I could each one of those people to buy a $0.99 ebook I *would* be rich! No joke. That subject ties in with this one. You’ll see.

Today some nice person left a response on my “Getting Scary” post letting me know the New London Patch has REMOVED Daria Novak’s blog from their site.

WOW. I was shocked. I never called for her to sit down and shut up or anything like that. As a writer, I am all in favor of Freedom of Speech no matter how hateful that speech may be. Why? Well, because, no matter what PayPal and the Credit Card Companies had to say, I would really like to be able to say/write pretty much whatever the hell I wanna say/write. Fair’s fair after all. The poster also informed me Ms. Novak was kicked, not for her opinions–which would go up my ass sideways–but for plagiarism.

Double WOW…are you shittin’ me?

The last post I read by Ms. Novak the one stating Proof Your Religion is Under Attack contained a response by someone accusing her of regularly plagiarizing people’s work. People say a lot of stuff on that site, you wouldn’t believe half the crap they say on both ‘sides’ it’s like watching a bunch of bratty kids fighting in a sandbox. Really, honest to ALL of the GODS, there are soooo many people on both ‘sides’ over there that I just want to grab by the shoulders, shake as hard as I possibly can, and say; “What…the…fuck…is….WRONG…with you?” So I took the plagiarism comment with the proverbial grain of salt and skipped past it.

Early this morning, I didn’t have time to run over to the New London Patch to see if dreams really do come true cuz I had to go to Benny’s and get contact paper. Yeah, ok, that’s a blog in itself! More on that later. I went to Benny’s, got the paper, came home, did my thing….GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR….then popped my email again before heading over to the New London Patch. The same poster as this morning came back and replied stating Ms. Novak really was gone and the good guys won a round.

I’ll tell ya, I thought it was BS. I really did. I mean, what media outlet would stomp on someone’s Freedom of Speech that way, what are they nuts? I went over to the Patch and sure enough….Ms. Novak is g-o-n-e. Poof. Into thin air.

Holy crap!

I went over to her FaceBook page to see what was being said about this.

Nothing. Zero. Either at the time I visited her page she was unaware of this latest development or she just got smart and chose to invoke her right to remain silent. She complains about the so-called ‘name calling’ on the Patch but that’s about it. Now, I’m not buying she wasn’t already aware because she really should have been. I would imagine she was the very first person to be informed of the Patch’s decision not to carry her posts. Yes/no? I mean, c’mon, if *I* knew about it surely *she* did! I would think she’d have to *something* to say on the subject. Probably something along the lines of what Erotica and other Independent Writers were saying not too long ago; Freedom of Speech! Censorship!

But….no. All is Silent on the Novak Front in that regard. So, and this is just a Question for the Group, could that mean she’s guilty? Ya know, man, it’s one thing to snag a line or two from your favorite writer or from an article you think helps prove your point but to do it so often that you get called out on it is just bad form. Especially if you’re running for office. Just really…tacky. Never mind ‘illegal’ my head is still on words like ‘tawdry’ the writer in me *is* bitching about ‘illegal’ but the regular old person in me is still trying to get around the whole thing and take it in.

But, yes, I know, it’s true, it’s true, writers get pissed when someone steals their stuff. They really do. That’s a bitch, huh? Total bummer. But….yep, “we don’t like it not one little bit”-(Dr. Seuss). We don’t want to impinge on anyone’s Freedom of Speech (necessarily) we just don’t want them using our Freedom of Speech and passing it off as their own. That’s all.

If you don’t/can’t express an idea–original or not–using your own words and instead you find yourself quoting someone else (without crediting them in the slightest) perhaps you’re just not the type of person who actually possesses leadership capabilities. Certainly you’re a good mimic but you can’t think for yourself so what good would you possibly be in a position/role of authority? Anyone out there…go ahead the question’s open the group…feel free to answer. Now, I’ll have to go to the Almighty Google for confirmation on this of course but “I don’t recall”-(Ronald Reagan) Joe Courtney being accused of plagiarism at any point in time. I could be wrong. Again, it’s open to the group, feel free to comment. In the meantime let me just say; “Go Joe! Good job on that one!” At least the guy is capable of expressing ideas–either originally his own or not—in his own words/terms or is able to give credit where it’s due. Again…Go Joe!

I don’t know what’s going to happen with Ms. Novak but I’m thinking her approval rating may have taken a hit. Did the ‘good guys’ win? If she’s a plagiarist then you bet your ass they did!

Here’s where I know that the ‘good guys’ really have won a round. I got a letter from SmashWords; PayPal has given in! They’ve rescinded their ‘obscenity clauses’ and all of that happy-crappy!!! As far as PayPal is concerned us lowly writers are all FREE to write whatever we want and you lowly readers are all FREE to buy whatever you want. That’s right they’ve finally come to the bonzer conclusion that no one was doing anything illegal to begin with, no matter how distasteful anyone may find any given subject it is not illegal to write about it, so we’re all free to go back to doing business-as-usual. YEAH!

I’m not rushing to fully reinstall PayPal on the site but, yes, yes, the Good Guys did win that one.

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