For What It’s Worth

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t believe in Signs from the Cosmos you can probably just skip this post.

I woke up this morning feeling like crap. My stomach hurt…hell everything hurt! Well, it does that more and more often on these cold damp days now that my years are advancing so rapidly.🙂 I mean, it I felt totally shitty all day. I dragged my ass to the Post Office at 8:30 AM to get out some books knowing that if I didn’t do it there was going to be an angry woman in Texas ready to march to my door! I wouldn’t blame her in the slightest. I should have done that earlier. After the Post Office I dragged my tired ass, wobbly legs, and churning stomach to Stop & Shop to do the grocery shopping.

Took me nearly an hour and a half! This is a chore I can do in my sleep and normally doesn’t take any longer than a half hour from the time I enter to store to the time I get to the check out line. I just wandered around in a sickly fog. Finally got my groceries home, hauled them into the house, put them away. Sat down to email my friend in Texas and let her the books were finally on their way. I hit her site knowing I’m over there today…..shameless plug ahead! What is Obsession? guest spot includes a giveaway. Go check it out.

I was cold, I mean bone cold, the kind where you need two or three blankets just to start thinking you might be getting warm. I sat here feeling yucky then popped my FaceBook Page. FaceBook informs me of everyone’s birthday and I really like that. Today it said: Birthdays-AresGodofWar

I thought; Oh is it? Is that right?

Something inside me said it was but it’s a Fan Page so it could be the owner’s birthday.

You’re doubting yourself far too much these days. I don’t like it.

Not real crazy about it either.

I wanted to be sure so I …

She popped Kevin Smith’s WikiPage..his WikiPage!

What can I say? I’m old and you’ve abused my brain over the years!

I went to Wiki to see that today really is AresGodofWar’s birthday.

I thought; Well, maybe that’s getting me down.

We were doing so well with “Rising Son” yesterday that I fully intended to keep on rolling today. In fact, I went over the first chapter after I posted that bit and then went forward and found the next two ‘stepping stones’ so we should have been on our way. But I was feelin’ blue.

I thought; Well, it’s stupid but, maybe if I just do a little tiny something I’ll feel better.

So I wrote on AresGodWar’s page for his birthday; Happy Birthday. I miss you.

I went on about my day but it didn’t get any better except when hubby came for lunch to surprise me and spend a few minutes with me. That was nice! He even brought me a turkey grinder–no cheese, hoping my tummy felt better. But it didn’t and the grinder is sitting in the fridge for later tonight.

I played FaceBook games after he left. I just love Hidden Chronicles and Words with Friends. I checked the responses on my guest spot. I checked my site stats. My stomach still hurt. My body was achy and cold.

I went through my ‘special picture collection’ and made a little post on Face Book.

3/16/1963-2/15/2002–Happy Birthday, dude

I felt a little better. Yes, I know that’s stupid. You don’t have to tell me. I’m aware.

JUMP–in December, 2010 I contacted Night Owl Romance for a review on “The Heart of War”, I’m pretty sure it’s the biggest site I contacted in that regard. Everything looked good but the review never came through. By the time I had my chat on their site in January this year I gave up on the idea until the owner, who was moderating the chat, stated saying how wonderful the stories were. She wasn’t BSing for the chat it was easy she’d read actually READ them. I PM’d her and asked if she intended to review for the site but she said she didn’t do that anymore. I let it drop feeling rather dejected. The chat was a lot of fun so that was good.

TODAY–I was just giving up on the Internet and the computer for the day when I popped my Gmail one last time and was informed that Night Owl Romance posted a review for “The Heart of War”.

I thought; DAMN! Well, better late than never.

I opened the email with fear in my heart as I do every time I open an email telling me someone has posted a review.

Score: 4.00 / 5

The great God of War, Ares, has been in exile from Olympus for hundreds of years and has made his home on an exotic island far away from anything that may try to disturb him. Magdalena Macleod, (or Alena to Ares), washes up on his island under mysterious circumstances. She claims to be a survivor of a boat disaster but there are no other bodies or debris anywhere. Ares is determined to find out about Alena and why she wears a golden chastity belt with the mark of Cernunnos, Celtic God of the forest and Death. As he finds out more about her the more he comes to respect her and care for her but will the mysteries he uncovers cost them their chance at happiness and his chance to prove his innocence and finally return Olympus.

Ares is arrogant, opinionated, and set in his ways. He’s also a seven foot bronzed and gorgeous Greek God. He is very sexual and never sated completely, even with seven lovers at his beck and call.

Alena has been running from her horrid husband for over 200 years and will do anything to stay out of his grasp. She finds Ares attractive, if albeit pushy, and decides to trade her virginity for his protection.

I enjoyed this book. The characters were very flawed and human, even the Gods. The connection between the characters was electric and the tenderness was sweet. The story was fast paced and mysterious. There was a new surprising revelation in each chapter. Lisa Beth Darling knew her Greek Mythology well and used that knowledge to fill out the characters.

A word of caution: If the reader is faint at heart, this book has many graphic sex scenes and fight sequences but I don’t think it detracts from the story. In fact it pulls the reader in even farther, causing them to hold their breath and flip through the pages to see what’s to come. A very thrilling read overall. You can see it for yourself here

Not bad, huh????

Looks like the Old Lady may have a few chops after all.🙂

I posted the news, worked feverishly on my next Blog Hop Posts cuz they’re both special and I want them to really pop, and then shut down the computer. It wasn’t until I got to the couch and started watching TV that I realized my tummy didn’t hurt anymore and some of my aches and pains had gone away. Mostly that blue/depressing/weight seems lessened.

Looks like that review came in on a very…opportune day. Wouldn’t you say?

Hummm? What?

I heard him clear his throat, saw his eyes roll and his head shake as he wondered what he was going to do with me.

Oh, yeah, I guess so. Thanks, dude.

Happy Birthday.

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