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This hop is now CLOSED. I would like to thank everyone who stopped by and left a comment to enter my giveaways. Our winners are:

The Heart of War-Book #1 in the OF WAR Series

Child of War-A God is Born–Book #2 in the OF WAR Series

Susan W.

Dream Weaver

The Shame of Eminent Domain-Fort Trumbull

All winners have been notified. Thank you!

Greeting & Welcome to my post for the


I am so happy to have been asked to be part of this event that I have SEVERAL prizes that I want to giveaway. Hopefully at least one of them will be to your reading tastes😉

Prize #1
The Heart of War-Book #1 in the OF WAR Series

Inside the Heart of every Warrior breathes the Soul of a Hero–even within The Heart of War.

Meet Ares God of War, the greatest Warrior the world has ever known. He’s moody, grumpy, dominant, ravenously sexual, and above all, built like a Greek God.

SHORT EXCERPT: Ares came here with every intention of using this situation to regain his position on Olympus if he could, but now he found the price too high and that his desire to return to Olympus had waned. “If it is vengeance you want, I will get it for Artemis. Yet, if you won’t be satisfied until Alena’s blood spills then you can keep all that belongs to me; I don’t want it. It’s not worth it.”

A stunned silence fell over the Great Council Chamber as all bickering stopped and all eyes turned to Ares. “He’s in love with her,” Hera whispered.

“What is love, Mother? A concept made up by the Mortals so they can feel fulfilled. As most of you love to point out, I have no heart. Why don’t we just call it Justice? That is what I seek for my sister and she would abhor the idea of spilling Alena’s blood when Alena was the only one in this room brave and strong enough to stand up for Artemis. The rest of us, including me, failed her.” Ares looked down at Alena who was cowering in the chair with her knees drawn up to her chin. I will not fail you, no matter what it costs me; I will not fail you, Alena. He didn’t know what would happen when he held his hand out to her but Ares was very pleased when she took it and slid off the chair to stand next to him on wobbly legs. “When I am done, Father, when I have exacted Vengeance and Justice for Artemis, I will return here with Cernunnos’ head. In the meantime, this is my woman, she pledged herself to me,” Ares announced as he pushed her behind him with one hand and drew the sword with the other. “If any of you try to come near me or what’s mine again I will not hesitate to ignore my Father’s Law and kill you.” Keeping the gaze of all in the room Ares began to walk backward with Alena close behind him. When they reached the door, he laid his hand upon the knob, opened it, and then he scooped her up so that Alena perched in the crook in of his arm like an exotic bird. “Stay away if you know what’s good for you.”

Get lost in this sweeping dark saga of lust, rage, revenge, and redemption. Battle Ancient Gods while falling in love with Ares God of War and Alena MacLeod. They share a love that will rock the world from the heights of Olympus to the Celtic moors.

Prize #2
Child of War-a God is Born–Book #2 in the OF WAR Series
Do you remember Damien? Raven makes that kid look like an angel.

In book #2 of the OF WAR Series, Ares settles down with his wife, Alena, to await the birth of their son, Raven. Before Raven is even born, Zeus outwardly despises him for his Fey blood given to him by his filthy Celtic mother. With no way out and no way to keep his family safe from his father, Zeus the God of Gods, Ares enters into a blood pact that could cost the God of War everything he holds dear.

SHORT EXCERPT: Ares interrupted, “She cooks for me because she loves me and because she likes to cook. Is that all right with you, Father?”

Zeus’ cracked lips slowly broke out into a wide grin and those ancient blue eyes took on a devilish sparkle. “Oh, she’s got you whipped, hasn’t she, boy?”

“I’m not a boy,” Ares challenged and across from him watched as Eros pursed his lips at him with a hint of satisfaction. “I’m not whipped.”

“Oh yes you are,” Zeus countered, “look at how you jumped in to defend her.”

“She’s my Wife, Father. What kind of Husband would I be if I didn’t come to my Wife’s aid?” Ares tossed his napkin onto his full plate and sat back in his chair. “Oh, yeah, that’s right, if I did that…I’d be you.”

Letting out a snort but not commenting on Ares snide remark, Zeus turned back to Alena. “You treat him like any other man? Like a Mortal?”

Alena didn’t understand the question. “I treat him…” she looked over to Ares for the answer but he didn’t seem to have it either, “like my Husband.”

“You cook for him? You clean for him? You fuck him?” Zeus challenged in rapid fire but gave Alena a second to let it sink in while he downed the last bit of bread in his hand. “You’re not his Wife, you’re his slave, but somehow you became the master, and that one doesn’t even realize it. Typical.”

Raven started squirming inside her the same way Alena wanted to squirm in her seat as she sat under the scrutiny of the God of Gods. “Typical? Of what? W-women?”

“Your kind of woman,” he spat. “A dark soulless Celtic whore, ensnarer and enchanter of men. What did you do? Cast a spell on him?”

“That’s enough, Father,” Ares said sternly. “You say nothing to my Wife for months and then this filth is what comes out of your mouth?”

“I quite agree,” Hera interjected from her place at the head of the table.

“It’s my table,” Zeus reminded them. “And she didn’t answer. Answer!”

WARNING: The “OF WAR” series contains scenes of graphic sex and violence. As such, it is intended for ADULTS ONLY it is NOT recommended for the Faint of Heart.

Find out more about the OF WAR Series includes excerpts, sexcerpts, reviews, trailers, buy links and more.

Prize #3
In a Small Town Secrets Are Kept and Then They Kill.

After the death of her husband, Helen Makris never expected to fall in love again until she met retired Colonel Kevin Smith. Both widowed for years the two unexpectedly meet in Helen’s new hometown, the quaint New England Village, Tarrytown, Maine. All would be well if it weren’t for the watchful eye of the Shaw Street Strangler who has his sights set on Helen.

SHORT EXCERPT: As Kevin makes his way down the six saw-dust scented aisles of Johnson & Sons Hardware Eddie watches as Colonel Kevin T. Smith, Retired, throws items into the cart, his chiseled jaw set tight while his eyes flame with anger and insult that someone would try to get to his woman. Peeking between boxes, cans of paint, rolls of fiberglass insulation, he listens and he watches keeping pace with the angry Kiwi in the next aisle.

Eddie’s not here this morning by mere coincidence; he hardly left Helen’s property last night. He smiles thinking to himself how smart and daring he is and how stupid the Colonel and the Lieutenant are. Eddie was in Helen’s bedroom nearly twenty minutes before the first knock came to the door, before that he watched them sitting out on the deck trying to have a nice dinner. It took everything he had not to let go a big old belly laugh when Helen found out about the Colonel and laid into him. When she grabbed the wine bottle he’d been sure she was about to bash him over the head with it and it would have served that un-American bastard right.

The laughter had died away on his lips when he saw how upset she was, not just angry, hurt and made to feel a fool by the good-looking Colonel. He sat there, hunched in the bushes at the far end of her property with his binoculars, watching Helen through the bedroom window. When she downed the half-bottle of wine with what looked like three Valium, he knew it was going to be one of those special nights. The ones he longed for, waited for, and cherished. What choice did he have when the lights went out but to go and see her after all, he had to make sure she was all right, didn’t he? She was his to protect and look after, to comfort and hold close when she needed him. Last night she needed him so he’d gone to her. He walked right up to the sliding door while Colonel Kiwi and the Lieutenant sat with their backs to him drinking and talking in low voices. Then he went to the bedroom window, pried it open, and sat with her for a while. Guarding her. Soothing her. Touching her.

When they came into the room and the Colonel nearly caught him running down the yard, Eddie felt a rush of adrenaline shoot through him as he sprinted wondering how the Colonel liked the little fruity gift he left behind. He took refuge at the far end of the yard in the dark, watched the kiwi come out on the deck and shout for him. Then sat there watching the two men keep guard inside the house. He was even there this morning when they started putting the pieces together as they wandered around the yard. When the Colonel left, Eddie decided to follow. There was no sense sticking around the cabin, the Lieutenant was wide-awake and on high alert inside, he heard them say they were calling the police. Eddie thought it best to follow the Colonel and find out what he had in mind for his immediate plan.

The Art of Home Defense seems to be one thing they have in common. Eddie, himself, has gone to great lengths to defend his home base and he expects that any man should do the same. The miscellaneous items that the Colonel is picking up will surely make Eddie’s nightly visits a little harder but he’ll get around them.

Where there was a will there was always a way and Eddie’s will was ironclad.

In a grand homage to The Master, Stephen King, Lisa Beth Darling and Moon Mistress Publishing proudly invited you to take a rocketing no-holds-barred journey into the diseased mind of a madman with this ADULT Chiller/Thriller Horror Story with heavy Romantic Tendencies. This novel is NOT recommended for the faint of heart.

Find out more about OBSESSION includes excerpt, sexcerpt, and buy information.

All three of the above novels are Kindle Select Exclusives until June 5, 2012 and are only $0.99 until March 30, 2012.

Prize #4

Dream Weaver
Enter a world where even the sweetest of dreams can turn into a nightmare.

Sweeping romance combined with drama and suspense will keep you turning pages until you find out Whodunit.

SHORT EXCERPT: “Come over here.”

Well, it was just a photograph. It would be a nice little something to remember him by. Lizzie handed over her new camera to stand by Michael’s side but not too close.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I don’t bite. Hard.” He regretted the last word until she snickered while she blushed and her eyes shined at him. Michael held out his arm and Lizzie stood by his side while the nice gentleman took their photograph. “Thank you.” Michael said to him.

“Yes, thank you very much.” Lizzie agreed before he could walk away. She pushed the button to see the photograph on the LCD.

“Nice,” he remarked over her shoulder. “Send me a copy.”

“All right.” She said without thinking about just how she was supposed to accomplish that sending it to him. It was very nice, they almost made a handsome couple. Almost.

“What do you say? Do you want to work with me?” Michael asked. “I think we can do this.”

Yes, she did want to work with him. She wanted to work very closely with him even though she knew it was going to be sheer torture. “I have to clear everything with Pauline,” Lizzie offered. “But yes, I would like to do this with you.” She looked down at her feet in their open toed shoes noticing they were blue and that was because there was still snow on the ground. The night was very chilly as she stood there in nothing but the thin cotton dress. Lizzie raised her eyes to look back up at him still not quite believing he was standing there. “I wrote Eddie for you,” Lizzie confessed.

“You did?” Michael asked trying to sound surprised and thinking it came off pretty well. “I had no idea.”

“If a movie is ever made, Michael, I think you’ll be fantastic in this role.” Lizzie marveled at how easily his name continued to slip from her lips. Not once had she even thought of calling him Dennis, clearly he wasn’t Dennis Johnson but someone even more wonderful.

That’s what I’m hoping, he thought but didn’t say. “Thanks for the vote of confidence.” He said as he took off the tuxedo jacket and put it around her shoulders. Lizzie wasn’t wearing a coat tonight because she hadn’t had to leave the hotel where she was staying in order to go to the awards ceremony and now she stood there shivering in the chilly night air.

“Thank you,” Lizzie said softly as she pulled the jacket tighter around her and breathed in the intoxicating scent of his cologne as deeply as she could.

Prize #5
The Shame of Eminent Domain-Fort Trumbull

This collection by Lisa Beth Darling contains more than two dozen full color and black & white photographs of the Fort Trumbull neighborhood in New London Connecticut several years after the City won its Eminent Domain case against the citizens forcing them to leave their homes. Some of these homes had been held by their residents for generations. “Progress”, “New Development”, and promises of a better New London gave way to abandoned buildings and dashed dreams.

What was once a busy but quiet corner of New London, Connecticut complete with homes, families, and businesses, as of today in May, 2011, stands completely empty. It’s not even so much a ghost town anymore, all of the buildings are gone and the only thing standing is Fort Trumbull to look on forlornly and mourn the passing of community that once surrounded it.

Contains an opening essay by the author, a life long resident of New London who watched the whole debacle play out as well as some captions recalling her life in New London.

Here’s a sampling of the photographs contained within this book.

Empty Spaces-by Lisa Beth Darling

In the Name of Progress-by Lisa Beth Darling

Quiet Corner-by Lisa Beth Darling


To celebrate the recent release of “OBSESSION”, I want to giveaway TWO of the above E-BOOKS EACH BOOK for a total of TEN E-BOOKS! Winner’s choice of Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Sony, Adobe, or Palm formats. With the exception of “Eminent Domain” which is only available for Nook and in PDF.

1- Leave a comment below telling me which book or books you would like to win and why
2-Please enter only ONCE below
3-You may garner more entries by posting the link to this post on your FaceBook page
‘Liking’ the FaceBook Fan Page
Following me on Twitter (@lb_darling)
Tweeting this link–be sure to ‘mention’ me in the Tweet so that I’ll be automatically notified.

You DO NOT have to any of #3 and only as many as you would like to.
I’ll pick TEN winners–TWO for each book– at the end of hop and announce them here as well as contacting them personally.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.

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To enjoy the works and offerings of many wonderful and talented authors.

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! I would love to win The Heart of War and if possible, Child of War. I absolutely love Greek mythology and love the sound of this series!

    I followed you on Twitter @WickedlyBookish

    Liked your Facebook Fan page as Jessica Mason

  2. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    I already have “Heart of War” and “Obsession” but would love either “Child of War” or “The Shame of Eminent Domain” or even “Dreamweaver” just to have another one of your books would make my day. Thank you.


  3. WOW! Great Post! I loved all the book trailers. Awesome Gob!

    Thanks for participating in the hop.


  4. The Heart Of War. I love books centered around Greek mythology and Ares is right up my alley🙂

    Thanks for the chance!
    Posted on my FB page
    LIKED your FB page
    Follow you on Twitter


  5. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I’d love to read Dream Weaver thank you very much. I read the excerpt and want to read more. I’m not too big on some of the other story lines but enjoy a good suspense.

    I love you on twitter and I tweeted about the hop:!/ggjunk/status/181040288373026818

    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

  6. Thank you so much for participating in this hop! I would love to read Obsession. It looks like a great book!

    I liked your FB page as Mimi Rose

    mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

  7. Audra Holtwick

    Heart Of War sound awesome –but any one would do –thank you
    audie(at)wickerness(dot) com

  8. Don’t enter me in the giveaways. I just wanted to come by and show my support and say ‘hi’🙂

  9. I would love Obsession or Dreamweaver! They look so scary. I love to read scary books so I can cuddle up with my hubby for protection. lol

    Lmackesy at gmail dot com

  10. Irene Jackson

    I would love to win Obsession. I love thrillers and serial killers almost as much as romances. A book that combines the two is my idea of heaven!

  11. Sophia Rose

    I love stories involving Greek mythology so I would like ‘Child of War- A God Is Born’

    Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity.
    FB like: Sally Michele Shaw

  12. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Had to return the favor an must say I LOVE your war series already.

  13. Maria Pronounced Mariah

    Great post and great choices! I would be thrilled to read #’s 1-4

    Twitter follower: maria_smith_76


    mmafsmith at gmail dot com

  14. I would love to read Heart of War and Child of War. Thank your generous participation in this fun hop!
    Twitter follower @ZDz59001
    tweet –!/ZDz59001/status/181291600603918336
    FB – Denise Zaky

  15. I would love to read Obsession. I like books with a chiller/thriller story to go with the romance. I’m more Dean Koontz than Steven King, though. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. WOW! So many great choices. I would love to read Obsession. It makes me think of that song from the 80’s. And I love the 80’s.

    I follow via:
    Twitter: @MelCamino 5
    FB: Mel Bourn
    Shared link on FB.

    bournmelissa AT hotmail DOT com

  17. If chosen, I would like wither Obsession or Child of War, please.

    I follow on Twitter as @bl0226

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  18. The Heart Of War is the book i would like if i was chosen please thanks for the wonder prizes and this great blog hop. i follow you on twitter and facebook as well. my email is

  19. i twetted as well

  20. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your books. My choice would be Obsession and if not that then Dreamweaver. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  21. Great giveaway. I’d like either Heart of War or Child of War because I’ve loved mythology stories sincei was young. The stories of the different gods, goddess’, and other creatures were always cool. Thanks for the chance.

  22. I would like “The Heart of War-Book #1 in the OF WAR Series” because I really like Greek mythology, and this seems like an interesting spinoff.

    cigam9 at gmail dot com

  23. Awesome giveaway! I would love to win Obsession or Child of War!

    FB liked (Hillary Curran)
    Twitter followed (mebuffy)


  24. All the books sounds great, but if I had to choose one, I’d pick The Heart of War because it sounds like a fantastic read!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  25. I would like to read The Heart of War and Child of War because I like Greek mythology and the books sound very good.


  26. I already have “The Heart of War”,so i would like any other book #2 / #3 / #4 / #5 🙂

    Thanks for the international giveaway!!


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