Monday, Monday

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Even when you’re unemployed, Mondays still suck! LOL

The weekend was nice, hubby got some more sanding done on the kitchen cabinets on Saturday but then took Sunday off. I keep telling him the cabinets aren’t going anywhere. They will still be there, just as he left them, whenever he get back to them. Besides, it’s a big job and we’re not exactly young and spry any longer.

Sunday was a nice lazy day….see

Ahhh what a nice little nap until…

The little shutter sound on hubby’s iPhone woke me up. Rebecca was taking pictures. She thinks we’re “so cute” her friends think that too. How ’bout you?

I did, however, manage to make a pork roast for dinner on Sunday. It was the strangest thing! Somewhere near 2AM on Saturday morning I started dreaming I was eating the most sumptuous pork roast! Oh it was soooo good! I was sure that not only could I taste it but I could smell it too! So sure in fact that it woke me up.

And it woke up hubby.

Both of us turned to each other and asked; “Who’s cooking the pork roast at this hour?”

I SWEAR the house was FILLED with the wonderful appetite whetting scent! Even awake, you could almost see the wonderful crusty fatty bark it made my mouth water. We sat there breathing it in and wondering if we were dreaming but come morning we decided we had not been dreaming. However…there wasn’t a freshly cooked pork roast in the kitchen either. LOL Rebecca couldn’t cook a pork roast to save her life at this point and she swore that yes she did cook herself Mac & Cheese and a burger around 9pm but she wasn’t doing any cooking at 2am.

It’s a total mystery. Sounds like a ‘Nancy Drew’ thing doesn’t it; The Mystery of the Phantom Pork Roast.πŸ™‚

I made it on Sunday with lots of sauerkraut it was very good but not as good as the one in my dream.

Today I did more job hunting online. Who knew that job hunting could actually become a scam? I had no idea. None. Craig’s List warns you to be careful of spammers and scammers when answering their classified ads but I didn’t believe them until recently. It seems there’s a whole new world of cons out there and it revolves around things like; “Work At Home-Make $300-$400.00 a Day!” and places that advertise jobs they don’t seem to really have and they do it so they can try to interest you something…else. Like selling insurance or a ‘work from home’ or some job that’s 500 miles away and they’d like you to ‘relocate’ for $8.50 an hour. Ya know, it’s all sort of like the Old Bait n Switch in a brick-n-mortar store. Nothing seems to be ‘as advertised’. Very strange. As usual there’s a whole bunch of nothing out there. I did put in a few applications through Monster and Craig’s List one was for a law office or some type of legal business looking for a records clerk. Another for a secretary/receptionist at some investment company. Stuff like that.

Anyway, I’ll keep plugging away at it. There’s got to be something out there. Somewhere.

So after that, I decided I would do the laundry and clean the tub. Laundry went well. Tub? Not so much. I poured an overly generous amount of bleach into a spray bottle with hot water and dish soap then sprayed the tile. I forgot to open a window. I nearly asphyxiated myself! I just kept spraying and spraying until my eyes were watering and my lungs were burning. Not good. No, not really. I came downstairs for ‘fresh air’ and in another fifteen minutes or so realized my throat was still burning and the small was awful. I had to open the doors and windows! Good thing its near 60 degrees out there today or I’d be shivering my little ta-tas off!

Oh well…tub’s clean. Toilet’s shiny. I guess those are good things.

We did try to do some writing. We got a few things moving a long but not as much as I might have liked; Sunday really was a very lazy day! However, we decided on a very major change early on here so those who read the first rough draft will be surprised by our new little development. I should try to get back to that now the house is airing out and my eyes have stopped watering.πŸ˜‰

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  1. YES you two still look adorable together waking up like thatπŸ˜‰

  2. Sounds like you’ve had some “smelly” days — first the midnight pot roast and then the attack of bleach fumes! I hope today is filled with scented candles.

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