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Ok, so the big news of the day is….THE HEART OF WAR is FREE on KINDLE for TODAY ONLY. That’s right. Here’s your chance to keep the whole $0.99 (of which I only get $0.35, btw) and read it FREE.

I set this up a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure I’d done it right so I popped my Amazon KDP account to make sure and by 7:45 this morning I had given away 37 copies. I was surprised but glad to see I’d done it right and it was working. I went over to FaceBook and posted the news. I dropped a few buddies FaceBook messages asking if they’d share the link on their pages/groups/tweets whatever they thought was appropriate. Several wonderful people responded right away and by 8:36…65 copies were out the door!

Told ya I should just go back to giving it away.😉

Well, I’ll say one positive thing for it; It does seem to have increased my ‘visibility’ if only for today. AND if those who are downloading free actually read it and like it perhaps they’ll part with the money for “Child”? Maybe even for “Rising Son”? I don’t know but I do know I’m considering taking “Child” off the freebie list. Its turn is coming up soon so I’ll have to consider my options. If I give away “Child” for a day as well, hopefully, it will increase my chances of actually selling copies of “Rising Son”. If I don’t give it away for a day, well, “Heart” pretty much does stand-alone and so many people won’t pay $0.99 for a novel they may just ignore the rest of the series. It’s a pickle. Can’t wait to see how many copies of “OBSESSION” are given away later this month.

I do know that come April 1st e-book prices are going up. This $0.99 thing isn’t working out very well and I’m going to take a tip from the Big Publishers. They seem to keep e-book prices inline with print book prices and they sell. So….why not?

Yeah, that definitely means that you should probably run over and get your free copy of “The Heart of War” if you haven’t already. Heart of War on Kindle. If you would care to share that link on your pages/blogs/tweets I’d be very grateful.

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