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I am stunned and vastly humbled this morning.

I threw out some shark bait yesterday. Yes, I expected to attract a few sand sharks and maybe even a few tiger sharks to my little boat the SS-Independent Writer. I didn’t know how many sharks to expect but, when I started this. I didn’t expect that I’d just signed on to crew the ‘Orca’ for a day and not the SS-Independent Writer.

Never saw “Jaws”? Sorry.

Oh well….When I clicked the count early in the morning to see I’d given away 37 ebooks already I thought maybe we’d be able to give away 100 books by the end of the day and that would be good with me.

I checked later to see we were over 200! I thought; Damn! If every one of you people just dropped the $0.99 I could have a nice pay day in two months!

I kept thinking that every time I checked then after it got to just under 400 copies gone I started to think; Holy shit! I dared to hope that we might even reach 500 but in the back of my head I kept hearing a voice telling me

You should shoot higher, my dear, personally I think you’re gonna need a bigger boat

Let me tell you I learned the meaning of OBSESSION yesterday! I even learned how to properly use Twitter just for this occasion. I tweeted and ‘hash tagged’ all over the place. I did the same on FaceBook and I enlisted the aid of several friends who were kind enough to toss out the links on their pages and groups. I formed a plan as I watched the numbers grow; I would ‘promote’ three times yesterday. I hate doing that. I hate popping my FB page and constantly finding the same promo post popping up in my feed. It’s annoying. I don’t want to be annoying. But yesterday I was slightly annoying….LOL. I promoed in the morning, then at noon, then around 8pm. I figured that covered most time zones and was spread out enough so as to avoid being truly annoying.🙂

Anyway, eventually I got so obsessed with watching the numbers I just had to get away from the computer and I put in a good day doing yard work. I raked, I weeded, I yanked, I pulled, I chopped, I hauled and got completely sweaty. Understand, I live a sedentary lifestyle. I’ve sat at a desk for a job for 10 years and sat at a desk 20 before that writing every day. Moving around is not my strong suit! I even managed to WALK to the gas station for cigs. I have severely shortened calves and I actually managed to find a pair of sneakers yesterday. Walking to the corner store was not fun. By the time I got home I was ready to crawl to the front door in tears.

I came back in, I checked the stats, we were over 500.

I made dinner, I got into bed, I opened the laptop and we were over 600!

I thought; I can’t PAY for this type of exposure.

That’s true! All of the promo and guest spots and giveaways and hops and just everything I’ve done over this last year or more don’t add up to one day free on Kindle. I participated in SmashWord’s Read An Ebook Week last year and gave away over 400 ebooks in a WEEK. Not just ONE title either that’s for ALL the titles I had at the time and during a heavily promoted ‘free’ event.

I went to sleep thinking; wouldn’t it be just totally awesomely cool if we actually gave away 1,000 ebooks by the time it’s over? I tried to stay awake to see the new “South Park” but didn’t make it. I got up this morning, I popped the numbers and…..

995, baby! Just 5 short of 1,000! How do you like that????

I’m shocked. Truly blown away.

I don’t know what other people’s numbers look like but I think that’s outstanding! We went from being #3,163 at around 8am to being #280 at around 5pm (I didn’t even think to check those numbers before that!) and #93 in Kindle-Free-Romance. hahahaha

I think it’s important to remember that a good deal more people than that actually looked at it. No, I don’t know how many, but I do know that even publicizing something is FREE isn’t enough to bring the masses crashing through your door. I tried it on my mailing list not too long ago. I offered to give anyone on the list whatever story they wanted. I got two bites. I got more responses on FB when I said give “OBSESSION” away to anyone who wanted it for the next 24 hours. But, yeah, no, it wasn’t anywhere near 995!🙂

So, fairly needless to say, I did move “Child” back several weeks before it goes for its free day. I want to give some of those 995 people the chance to read “Heart” and then possibly buy “Child”. I figure this is the only way I’ll really know if there’s any true pay off here. I did sell 5 copies of “Child” yesterday and, judging from the Kindle numbers, nearly 4 out of 5 people who read “Heart” do go on to read “Child” so there could be some nice future sales in there somewhere. We’ll have to wait and see. “Child” is $0.99 until 3/30 so anyone who reads “Heart” quickly and likes it can get a good deal on the next book. After the 30th I’m going to price it more in line with the print book. I always said no ebook was worth more than $5.00 simply because of the medium its in so I think we’ll go somewhere around $4.95 and see how that works.

“OBSESSION” pops free on Kindle for 24 hours at some near, very near, future point. I won’t go crazy promoing that one but I will give it a nice push on Twitter–now that I know how the stupid ‘hash tags’ work–and on FB. It’s ‘stand-alone’ so there’s smaller chance of possible sales unless someone likes it enough to want to go for “Heart” and then gets invested in the series.

In the meantime I’m still kicking my way back to shore on a life raft made of a plank of wood and a couple of old air drums….laughing all the way.

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  1. those numbers are kinda mindboggling isn’t it?
    it does help me to plan things ahead with SIW, i’m lurking and learning here, planning and plotting , forming plans. hmm this is working out.

  2. Michelle Tucker

    Sooo, I just stopped by for the giveaway hop. And just because I’m gonna go buy both;) Heart and Child. Have a wonderful day.

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