A Little R&R

Well, it’s Friday baby! Know what that means?

Yes, yes, we made it through another week BUT this week it also means hubby starts vacation at 5pm today! Woot Woot!πŸ™‚

If there’s one thing in this world I’d really love to take a sledgehammer to it’s hubby’s iPhone. Yep, every morning Monday-Friday it goes ‘dinky dinky dinky’ at 6:15am. I just wanna throw it across the room! LOL But there won’t be any of that next week. We will sleep for as long as we want….ahhhhhh.

Of course we’ll also be doing other things such as finishing the kitchen cabinets. Looks like a coat of varnish is going on tonight in the cutout over the sink and the next three cabinets. After that the work is pretty small because, well, the cabinets left are small! Over the stove and over the fridge. Then again, there are 3 drawers and 3 cabinet doors under the sink but they shouldn’t take too much. Then the cabinets will be done. We’ve got a lead on some counter tops and after that we’ll paint. Those two things are down the road a piece, I just want to finish the cabinets at this stage. Will be posting pics of the progress over the weekend and probably throughout the week as we near the end here.

Sunday is hubby’s birthday! 47! Brother in-law sent a gift a while back. Something he thinks is funny but I probably will not judging by the website listed on the return label. BUDK.com Oh well. Not my cup of tea but I’m sure hubby will enjoy whatever it is.

The Great State of Connecticut ended up owing us $587.00! That came in, I sent out the mortgage and we still have a nice chunk of change leftover….yeah! Uncle Sam still owes me $178.00 I’m guessing that will come in fairly soon. I get my meager unemployment check will show up on Tuesday so it looks like it could be a nice birthday/anniversary/vacation ahead.πŸ™‚

I’ll take hubby shopping over the weekend. I know what I to get him but I seem to suck at getting gifts. I have found I would much rather give someone money or go with them to a store and let them pick out whatever they want within my budget and buy it for them. That way they get what they want and I don’t end up getting that fake faltering smile when they say they ‘love’ whatever it is.

On the 29th we will be celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary. Oooo and and and….Miss Rebecca is going to move out on a trial basis. Yep, she’s going to move in with one of her friends and see how it goes. Know what that means? We’re heading into Empty Nest Territory! “Holy cow! I think we’re gonna make it!” (Phil Rizuto, MeatLoaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”). Two empty rooms, one for hubby’s ‘man cave’ and gaming and I’m going to turn Miss Rebecca’s room in a Tranquility Room; lots of plants, a small water feature, comfy places to sit, no TV, no computer, maybe a radio. Just some place quiet to look out at the back yard and read or think or just veg. Better to get to those rooms quick, even if it means putting off counter tops and/or paint for the kitchen. Yeah, that’s a good idea.πŸ˜‰

Although it looks like we might have a few rainy days over the vacation–perfect for snuggling and not getting outta bed–might be able to get out in the yard a bit too. I chopped down more of that darn choke cherry yesterday and cleaned up some more around the Star Magnolia. I think I actually managed to KILL and YANK all of the Bittersweet from the branches. That poor thing was just full of Bittersweet. Hubby’s offered to chop the choke cherry down but that stupid thing has been cut to the quick way more than once and it just comes back. It wants to live there then fine but it’s gonna do it on my terms. That means cutting it back so it doesn’t shade out my Backhouse Lillies and my little herb garden. Poor lillies are straggly and they used to be so big and beautiful, hopefully now they have a better chance at spreading out again. I have been enjoying the last couple of days outside in the sunshine digging around in the dirt. I wanted to chop down the old weeds in the flower box under Becca’s window…you know the one with the barbed wire around it?…but it seems several Praying Mantis decided to leave their sacks in those weeds. I don’t want to risk killing them, I like them, I think they’re cool and they are the State Bug so…gonna have to wait on that one for a while. I have the most wonderful crop of Foxglove coming up! I’m soooo happy! I keep talking to them and telling them how beautiful they are each time I go down to dump a load of brush. Very careful not to step on or roll over them. The best part is it’s all wild and natural and growing along the back edge of the yard. Mother touched my yard and gave me a blessing. Yeah! It will make a beautiful border in a few months and the deer won’t eat it cuz it’s poisonous so I get to keep it. Woot! Maybe it will even give them a little deterrence from coming into the yard since it’s growing all along the path they usually take on their search for crunchable-munchables. My ivy and my spider plant are so much happier now. They’re much greener already but hopefully they don’t outgrow their new pots too quickly. I’m sure the spider plant is going to love it when I put it outside for the season in the next few weeks.

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Off to see what’s going on with “Rising Son”.

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  1. Congratulations on:
    Your 26th wedding anniversary
    Your husband’s birthday
    Your upcoming vacation
    Finishing your cabinets

    You’ve got a lot going on! I always enjoy your posts. Hope your coming week is filled with sunshine.

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