Get Obsessed

Today’s the day. OBSESSION kicks FREE on Kindle until midnight Pacific Time. If you want a copy Click Here.

I have tweeted and FaceBooked the information but I didn’t enlist the aid of my good buddies in schucking the link around all over the place. However, several of them have been kind enough to hit the ‘share’ button on their own. Thank you! A few of the free ebook groups reposted the link too when I posted on their pages. That’s always a big help. If I just post on their page then only someone who comes into the page sees it. But if they repost the link then everyone in their feed has the chance of seeing it.

Don’t worry, I don’t expect to give away a million of these or 1,146 like we managed with “Heart” because “OBSESSION” doesn’t have a built-in audience. No, not really. It’s not ‘paranormal’ and it’s not ‘romance’ it’s just an old fashioned scary story for adults. So we’ll just see how it goes. I’ll throw the link out again come mid-afternoon or early this evening. Maybe one more time before bed. So far, we’ve managed to give away 205 copies.

The promo round for “Heart” seems to be showing a small payoff. We’ve managed to sell 21 copies of it and 20 copies of “Child”. People are suddenly typing things like “Heart of War 3” and “Of War book 3” into Google, Bing, and the like, looking for “Rising Son”. Hopefully that’s a good indication that things will go well come September. I know it’s a long wait but I’m hoping it will be worth it. I will say that one should probably not look for “Rising Son” be free or part of many giveaways for a few months after the hard cover release. Sorry. I gotta eat too🙂 Yes, we’ll be keeping in line with the previous books; hard covers September 21st, then paperbacks October 4th, then ebooks probably on Halloween…you know I like doing that.

Well, off to see what the rest of the day brings!

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