I’m Still Here

I know I haven’t been around much lately. Hubby and I have been enjoying our time off. Well, I guess that’s not accurate. Hubby’s working his butt off on the kitchen cabinets to finish them before the end of his vacation and I have been doing my best to stay out of his way. The project is coming along nicely.

“OBSESSION” had its ‘free day’ on Kindle and netted (world-wide, I remembered to check all of the Kindle sites this time!) 1,061 copies given away. So, I’m guessing, somewhere around 1,000 books is average for a free day on Kindle. That means “Heart” didn’t break any records…bummer.😦

Something strange has happened and I”m not understanding it. “Heart” went free for the day and “Child” and “Christmas Eve” showed small spikes after that. That’s good. I checked my sales yesterday to see I’d sold 8 copies of “OBSESSION” this month. Ok, whatever. We knew it would have a hard time finding its audience anyway. BUT, I checked today and….we’ve sold 33 copies! WHOA! That just can’t be right, can it? I’m thinking either it’s a little better than I thought or it’s a whole lot worse! Yep, it’s one or the other. People will pay $0.99 to read something they’ve heard is absolute crap. Yeah, they’re funny that way. It hasn’t received any reviews but it did receive 7 ‘likes’ on Kindle. Not sure how to ‘read’ this one.

I know a lot of people don’t like to invest in series books. Maybe this is an argument for the ‘stand-alone’ novel. Maybe the ‘stand-alone’ novel is still loved. Hell, maybe the ADULT type of novel is still loved! It could happen. I know, in a world flooded with “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” it ain’t real likely that adult anything is still loved or wanted but…it could happen. Maybe not everyone wants to live in a PG-13 world. I know I don’t. I do know I’m glad the hype over “The Hunger Games” has finally died down. For a week or so there I felt like I was back in the 90’s and New Kids on the Block were being shoved in my face as I was told how much I loved them.


Same goes for ‘Nsync, 98 degrees, Backstreet Boys, Hanson, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and every other cranked out yanked out molded from pabulum and then spewed out ready-for-family-entertainment-with-a-bit-of-teenybopper-sex-appeal-crappola.

Not interested.

Over the weekend Hubby and I curled up on the couch to watch “Stripes” and we found ourselves wondering where movies like this had gone and when they departed. You will not see that much naked titty in any ‘mainstream’ movie made today. You also won’t get the raunchy humor, just a bunch of dumbed down ‘stoner shit’ that appeals to the 14-22 year-old crowd. Nothing that’s actually funny without being stupid, or sharp, or witty. Just…stupid. Hell, you can hardly find an “R” rated movie anymore. Everything has been reduced to middle of the road PG-13 and we’re all supposed to love it.

Not happening on this end. I’m an adult. I want to live a world designed and created for adults. Not children. Why? Because one day children become adults and it’s up to us to help them not hamper them on that journey.

Oh well, if the little but totally unexpected jump in sales for “OBSESSION” is any indication then maybe there really are a few true adults left in the world. If so, I hope they enjoy “OBSESSION”. In any event, I’ll have a nice little payday in two months. I’ve sold almost 100 books this month through Kindle so I might make $35.00 off the deal! LOL

Whooo-hooo…East Street here I come!


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  1. Hunger Games isn’t a “Childs” series the one thing you and I share in common mom is we’ve always hated people whom judge without reading first

    • I didn’t say it was a “Child’s Series” I said it isn’t an adult series. Go over to Kindle and you’ll see what I mean. It’s listed as YA (Young Adult) AND Children’s. That means it wasn’t written by an adult for an adult. Doesn’t mean it’s ‘bad’ just means it’s not for a crowd that likes meatier material.

  2. Did you husband get any good birthday prezzies?

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